Once Upon a Time... (Prisoner zine)

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Title: Once Upon a Time...
Publisher: Once Upon a Time..., fan club
Editor(s): David Lawrence
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: The Prisoner
Language: English
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Once Upon a Time... is a gen British The Prisoner (TV series) newsletter with articles, art, and fiction. It has at least forty-four issues.

The title of the zine changed from "Once Upon a Time" to "Once Upon a Time..." at some unknown point.

The newsletter was published by the fan club Once Upon a Time.... It was available in the UK by Bill Sherren in Kent, England, and in the US by David Lawrence in South Carolina. Someone named Jane Nicole may have also been involved in production.

This publication has a sister zine called The Prisoner which was published by an "American Agent."

Descriptions from Ads

From Datazine #3: "We include articles, stories, comments on all aspects of the series and related topics. In particular, we feature exclusive interviews with actors and writers involved in the show; information on Portmeirion, where The Prisoner was filmed, features on Patrick McGoohan and more."

From For Your Information #5: "The longest running zine for the British 60's series THE PRISONER, Subscription also includes; a guide and a cast list, a map of the Village, a copy of THE TALLY HO, and use of the FREE Village Library containing sore than 100 books, articles, newsletters on THE PRISONER. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? For information send SASE."

Issue 8

Once Upon a Time... 8 was published in 1979.

cover of issue #8

Issue 20

fiction, poems, a game

Issue 21

Issue 23

Once Upon a Time 23 was published in April 1986 and contains 26 pages.

Issue 24

Once Upon a Time 24 was published in November 1986 and contains 26 pages.

Issue 25

Once Upon a Time 25 was published in May 1987 and contains 26 pages.

Issue 30

interior art from issue #30, artist unknown

Issue 31

Once Upon a Time 31 was published sometime before December 1990.

Issue 37

Once Upon a Time... 37 was published in 1992.

Issue 35

Once Upon a Time... 35 contains 45 pages.

Issue 44

Once Upon a Time... 44 was published in 1996.

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