The Prisoner (Prisoner zine)

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Title: The Prisoner
Publisher: Mandi Schultz
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: The Prisoner
Language: English
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The Prisoner is a zine of non-fiction, episode guides, and trivia.

This is a simple zine, one of the first publications to come up with a detailed episode guide, photos, short articles on Patrick McGoohan, Danger Man/Secret Agent, Portmeirion, and more, before the fancy books were published.

Issue 1

The Prisoner 1 was published in 1977 (1989?) and contains 130 pages.

Issue 2

The Prisoner 2 was published in 1977 and has 23 one-side xeroxed pages containing synopses of the 17 shows with cast lists & writers/a most frequently asked “question & answer” page & a list of Patrick McGoohan’s film credits.