Mandi Schultz

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Name: Mandi Schultz
Alias(es): Mary L. Schultz
Type: fan writer, zine ed, zine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, The Prisoner, The Avengers
Communities: WSA Program
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Mandi Schultz was a fan writer, zine ed, and zine publisher most active in the Star Trek: TOS fandom in the 1970s. She was also Assistant to the Acting Administrator in the WSA Program.

She is perhaps best known for her Diamonds and Rust series, written with Cheryl Rice and published in 1978. She also wrote "Fountain of Sorrow," which appeared in Beta Niobe Revisited (1976), and "Where Sirens Sing," from Alpha Continuum #4 (1980).

Schultz had a personalzine called Implosion, and had been known to write articles and letters for various zines, including "an article [...] warning about rip-off dealers and poor quality merchandise at cons" for Spectrum #26 (1976)[1] and a letter in T-Negative #27 (1975).[2]

She was also involved with the production of the following zines:


According to a statement Scuttlebutt, after the publication of Diamonds and Rust, Mandi gafiated from Star Trek fandom. "Mandi Schultz is having a zine sale. SASE for list. Also, some of Gee Moaven's art, including most of the illos for Diamonds and Rust... For the information of those of you who have sent SASEs [about 'Moonshadow']: Mandi Schultz' 'Moonshadow' is a PRIVATE publication and NOT for general distribution. Whoever let the cat out of the bag was wrong in doing so. Please stop asking about it. Mandi and Gee Moaven have gafiated from Trekdom, so says Mandi." [3]

In the next issue of Scuttlebutt, Mandi elaborates: "My gafia has nothing to do with whether or not D&R will be finished. I certainly do not need to be an actifan to accomplish that. In fact, considering how long volume 1 took to complete, ideally I ought to be confined to my basement for the duration. Those interested in more D&R should send a SASE to Cheryl Rice or myself... Any further D&R will NOT be scattered through other zines. Cheryl and I are currently evaluating various methods of its future disbursement. And we'll be happy to tell those who are interested as soon as we have it all figured out. [And] please, folks, I am not Gee Moaven's mother. If you have something to say or ask of her, write to HER, not me." [4]


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