The Nimoyan Fellowship

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Fan Club
Name: The Nimoyan Fellowship
Dates: Began in 1968 for sure, possibly 1967. It disbanded by the end of 1970.
Founder(s): Mandi Tamborello
Leadership: in 1968, Mandi Tamborello
Country based in: Chicago, US
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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The Nimoyan Federation was a Star Trek: TOS fan club with an emphasis on Spock and the actor who portrayed him.

The club published the zine The Spockulator.

Complicated Cross-Pollination

The Chicago chapter of Nimoyan-Spock's Scribes became "The Nimoyan Fellowship" sometime before June 1968.[1]

This club became an affiliate of The Enterprise Science Fiction Club in mid-1968.

Around November 1968, Spock Sounds Off (fan club: U.S.S. Nimoy) "merged with" "The Nimoyan Fellowship" and "Spock Sounds Off."

Like many fan clubs, "The Nimoyan Fellowship" was also a satellite of Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans.


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