The Hailing Signal

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Title: The Hailing Signal
Publisher: The Enterprise Science Fiction Club (out of Massachusetts, US)
Editor(s): Phil Jachem
Date(s): early 1968-Jan/Feb 1969
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Lost in Space & and science fiction topics, specifically science fiction on television
Language: English
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The Hailing Signal is a very early Star Trek: TOS clubzine edited by Phil Jachem.

In January 1968, its publisher, the Enterprise Star Trek Fan Club, merged with the Galaxy Starlight (a Lost in Space fan club) and became The Enterprise Science Fiction Club.

In June 1969, it was announced that The Enterprise Science Fiction Club was disbanding but this fanzine would continue in a different format and title. This new zine was titled Beyond Andromeda and was planned to be published in mid-summer 1969. The cost was 75 cents. It was to include ST and s-f articles, poetry, fiction, etc.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Early 1968 Issue, Probably January

This issue contains 8 pages.

cover of an early 1968 issue, most likely January
  • Please Define: Science Fiction (a short blurb)
  • Have Your Read? (book reviews)
  • information on the Save Star Trek fan campaign (“The second season has not been as successful as the first for Star Trek which is more or less to be expected as a natural state in the industry, since concessions have to be made. Two factors could aid the show: Gene Roddenberry could be encouraged to return to his original job of writing and producing instead of dissipating his creative efforts on other commitments and loud protests should be lodged against the placing of Star Trek on Friday night, since many teenagers do not remain home on this night!”)
  • Methods of Space Propulsion – Plagiarized by – Phil Jachem (article)
  • items available in the club catalog (mostly photos)

March 1968

This issue contains 10 pages.

cover of the March 1968 issue
  • there is a notice that the Lost in Space fan club, Galaxy Starlight, has merged with The Enterprise Science Fiction Club
  • Have You Read (book reviews)
  • Who Mourns for Adonais?, poem by Melinda Hall
  • Science Fiction: Its Relevancy on Our Science-Filled Planet, part one of an article by Philip Jachem
  • Bone Diggers, a McCoy-centric article by Barbie Marczak
  • Exact Duplicates... Except ("an essay of scientific thought and theories") by Phil Jachem
  • My Fellow Crew Members "by Dr. L.B. McCoy, M.D. Senior Medical Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise" (a fictional interview between Bones and Barbie)

June 1968

This issue contains 14 pages.

"Futura Fashions by Barbie" from the June 1968 issue, Barbie Marczak
cover of the June 1968 issue
  • From the Control Chair (“Probably the first thing to be mentioned is the present effort of The Enterprise to “Save Space”; our endeavor to help keep Lost in Space on the air… Second on the list of events is the affiliation of the Nimoyan Fellowship to the club. Centered in Chicago… this club shows great promise in becoming one of the best there is.”)
  • a Lost in Space letter writing contest
  • The Star Spinning Mr. Spinrad (article and bio) by Mandi Tamborello ("The future of science fiction lies in the hands of some of the most capable young men. One of particular note is a man by the name of Norman Spinrad.")
  • notice of a letter-writing contest, fans were encouraged to write letters for Save Space; the more letters and petitions, the greater their chance of winning a poster or some publicity photos ("Star Trek Fans: If an ST fan should win (and beat an LIS fan!), he may request that the prize be the same but with the ST cast...")
  • Midwest Report (article about the state of Star Trek: it's been put on the air Fridays at 10:00: "Now, not only does it have to compete with traditional Friday night social functions, but also a network movie. No show can survive the divided audience which will result. The show has only been renewed for 13 weeks, and from their latest trick, we can only believe that NBC doesn't want to keep ST on after that time. Or else they're angry that we -- the fans -- presented a united front against their stupidity. They received over 1 /12 million letters of protest!")
  • review by Mandi Tamborello of the play Visit to a Small Planet
  • What is Science Fiction? by Norman Spinarad (an article for new fans)
  • The Case of the Bad Actor with His Loyal (?) Group of Fans..." (article about Mark Goddard)
  • Movie Review: Planet of the Apes
  • Science Fiction: Its Relevancy on Our Science-Filled Planet, part two (article by Phil Jachem)
  • Bone Diggers by Barbie Marczak (plea to a fan/fans to put out a McCoy/DeForest Kelley zine: "I know that many of the older gals here like De because he is strictly mature and about their ages.")
  • Beyond Antares, poem by Trivers
  • the editor asks: "Have any members been taking photos from their TV's? If so, we'd like to see them! All photos will be returned, of course, if you want them."
  • the editor notes that the The Nimoyan Fellowship is now an affiliate of The Enterprise Science Fiction Club
  • Futura Fashions by Barbie Marczak (illos)

September 1968

This issue contains 35 pages.

cover of the September 1968 issue
  • the editor talks about the "fourth generation" of computers, due to be out in 1970
  • the editor mentions two new zines: Galileo Seven and Triskelion; he also writes that the proposed fiction zine ("Final Script Project") by The Enterprise Science Fiction Club hasn't had enough entries and has been canceled
  • Bone Digger's (column) by Barbie Marczak ("I got a letter from a gal, Joyce Muskat, who told me that she sold Star Trek a script with Bones as the main character. It's called, as I remember, "The Emphat." [1] How true is this?? Well, you'll have to watch ST to find out, as I will.")
  • How a Good Spaceman Goes Wrong... Why Lost in Space Lost Out! (article) by Phil Jachem
  • Preplanus Swings (filk to the tune of England Swings) by Linda Stanley
  • Can't Count Flowers on the Wall (filk, Lost in Space style) by Linda Stanley
  • Spocke Gedanken (long, long poem translated into German by Phil Jachem, first line "Gehen Sie ruhig inmitten den lärm und die eile")
  • result of the letter-writing fan campaign to save Lost in Space: first prize winner wrote 275 letters, second prize winner wrote 160 letters, third prize winner wrote 150, fourth prize winner wrote 124 letters
  • Those Were the Days That R E A L L Y Were! by Linda Stanley (a very long con report for Future Unbounded, July 4, 1968
  • a fan has described the blooper reel in detail (25 parts)
  • Science Fiction: Its Relevancy on Our Science-Filled Planet, part three of an article by Philip Jachem
  • this issue has some newspaper clippings and some photos from both Star Trek and Lost in Space
  • Gee, You Look a Lot Like Mr. Spock (an article about a "very fine group of supperclub entertainers, the Raymond and Bennett Quartet," one member (Ed Snyder) who bears a striking resemblance to Leonard Nimoy)
  • a list and short description of the Lost in Space first episodes
  • a write-up a new NBC show: The Champions
  • the club is sponsoring a "Spontest" -- it needs more members and those who recruit the most members get a prize

December/January 1968-69

This was the last issue. It contains photo illos, news, and columns.


  1. ^ The editor interjects: "The word "emphat" must be a neologism of the script's author; no such word in the dictionary." The episode in question, of course, is "The Empath."