Menagerie (Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Linda Stanley)

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Title: Menagerie
Publisher: out of California
Editor(s): Linda Stanley (zine editor), Mandi Tamborello (art editor)
Date(s): July 1969
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Menagerie is an 83-page gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Linda Stanley. The front cover is by Claire Mason, and the interior illos are by three people (none of whom are credited). They are Chris Schmidt, someone signing "MAR," and two unknown fans (one may possibly be Ev Turner).

front cover by Claire Mason

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From an Editorial

By Stanley:

Our original intention was to put out a literary-type fanzine on Spock and accompanying aspects of Vulcanism. Technically, the format stands. However, we decided that there is too much talent in this particular realm of fandom that is going unnoticed and unheralded...and that we cannot allow. Se we are opening MENAGERIE to anyone who cares to try.

Although issue is prepared, we would like material for future issues. As a matter of fact, the only probable way there will be future issues is if we receive adequate contributions. There is a format of sorts to follow. It's simple enough. l*Je put out a Vulcan publication... ergo, material must be Spockish, or at least concerning STAR TREK. Yes, we know it will return to deep space after summer re-runs, but we firmly believe that when something as great and beautiful as the STAR TREK dream exists, it cannot be put aside nor forgotten. And we intend to perpetuate the ideas and ideals and hope we'll be able to encourage other interested souls to join us. It’s very real to us, and we know it's real to some of you,

Vie will consider anything submitted from poetry to multi-page articles, fiction, serious scientific treatment of a subject, or practically anything else you can come up with. Remember, tho, that we are for all intents and practical purposes a literary-type zine, and accounts of meeting ST actors and things like that aren't really our bag. There are many other groups interested in that sort of thing...and there's only of us.

We also appreciate artwork... and we appreciate its being confined to a sheet of typewrit8r-paper size and done in india ink. Artwork of this type can be reproduced exactly as we receive it by an instant offset process we use. Of course, we can also mimeo art with the rest if you are adept to drawing on stencils, and if that is the case, please contact oneof us about it. Cartoons welcome! be have no production schedule for MENAGERIE but think it will possibly be biannual when we see how long we've taken on issue #1. But, of course, unless you help, there might not be another.

In answer to several queries, YES we plan to continue after STAR TREK is cancelled because we believe in it and also because it isn't really disappearing completely from the scene, as we've heard mention its re-runs were sold to local stations.


The page numbers included here are estimates, as the zine does not contain them, nor does it contain a table of contents.

  • illo (1)
  • Menagerie: A Vulcan Publication, editorial by Linda Stanley (2)
  • Mandi's Mania, editorial by Mandi Tamborello (4)
  • an untitled eulogy for the Enterprise, "wiped out and destroyed by an assassin" (6)
  • Battleground, poem by Adrian Spectra (7)
  • Last Mission, fiction by Mildred Torgerson (8)
  • Record Tape of Vulcan Genetic Control Board by MaryAnn Cappa (fictional transcript) (10)
  • The Flight of the Enterprise, poem by Joan Folay (16)
  • illo (17)
  • illo (18)
  • Hidden Thoughts of an Alien: Diary of a Half-Breed, fiction by Adrien Spectra, Chris Schmidt, and Linda Stanley (19)
  • illo (28)
  • To Be or Not To Be...A Vulcan, essay by Norma Smith (29)
  • Bigotry, poem by Adrien Spectra (31)
  • Behold Spock, poem by Jean Louise Ellenbacher (31)
  • A Short Glossary of Vulcan Terminology, Idioms, and Folklore by Vera Heminger (satirical, all items are plays on the word "green") (32)
  • illo (34)
  • "Here Is It!!!! What Everyone's Waited For!!!! (the Vulcan Underground Secret Society proudly presents...) The Vulcan Language Breakdown, or (Ev Turner Strikes Again!!!), article by Ev Turner (35)
  • The Experiment, fiction by Dee Meuser (reprinted in The Best of Pon Farr) (49)
  • untitled poem by Ev Turner (58)
  • fictional letters by Ev Turner (59)
  • The Slavery Planet, fiction by Dee Meuser (69)
  • Loneliness, poem by Lisa Morgan (74)
  • untitled poem by Jean Louise Ellenbacher (74)
  • To Love, To Dream, poem by Dee Meuser (75)
  • As I Die, I Can't Remember When I Saw the Rain by Amber de Sance (76)

Sample Interior