Number Six

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Title: Number Six
Date(s): mid 1980s and 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: The Prisoner
Language: English
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Number Six is a Prisoner quarterly anthology of unknown content, most likely reviews, interviews and photographs. There are at least 37 issues.

Issue 30

Number Six 30 was published in winter 1992.

Issue 31

Number Six 31 was published in spring 1992.

Issue 32

Number Six 32 was published in summer 1992.

Issue 33

Number Six 33 was published in autumn 1992.

Issue 34

Number Six 34 was published in winter 1993.

Issue 35

Number Six 35 was published in spring 1993.

Issue 36

Number Six 36 was published in summer 1993.

Issue 37

Number Six 37 was published in autumn 1993.