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Spy-Fi is a term for spy fiction that includes futuristic technology and other science fiction elements. It is most often used for the campy style common in the US and UK during the 1960s or other works in this same style. The name is sometimes also applied to more recent spy series with highly improbable technology, but never to more realistic spy fiction like that by Graham Greene.


Some franchises, series, and works commonly labeled as 'spy-fi' include:


More recent

  • Jake 2.0
  • Alias
  • Archer
  • Austin Powers
  • Chuck
  • Kim Possible
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • La Femme Nikita (1997—2001 TV series)
  • Nikita (2010–2013 TV series)
  • Modesty Blaise
  • Spy Kids
  • Deus Ex