Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society

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You may be looking for the Supernatural story Six of One.

Fan Club
Name: Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society
Dates: 1977 - Present
Founder(s): Judie Adamson, Roger Goodman and Dave Barrie
Leadership: David Lally (at least in 1993)
Country based in: the UK
Focus: The Prisoner
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Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society is a fan club based in the UK with members around the world.

It published a zine called Alert.

The Current society magazine is titled 'Orange Alert'

A Convention Report

In 1977, the fan club hosted a convention:
A sprinkling of people with blazers edged in white braid, and everyone with pennyfarthing badges, in staid Cheltenham of all places. For those of you who have not heard, it is the base of The Prisoner Appreciation Society. Driving down from London, down came the fog, what was this? another trick by No. 2 to stop us getting there? The Town Hall was the venue, and at about 1.00 clock we converged, in small groups at first, then gradually, we became one big crowd. Each of us finding new friends with different viewpoints of the program, we could have talked for hours, but at around three it was time to see "Checkmate" in the main hall. We did see a few mini rovers floating about, we understand from secret sources, they are pets of certain members. There were so many questions everyone wanted to ask afterwards, and Judie, Roger and Dave (founder members) were inundated with people, wanting to know about so many thing. One talking point being the Convention at Portmeirion next year, who would be the guests there and, what episodes were going to be shown. We could have gone on for hours about who was No.l, but at five it was time to come home. Unusual feature was that all the Reginal Co-ordinators (of which I am one) were given a list of questions, to ask other members, eg., what did we want from the Society and, what articles would we like to see in the Societies fanzine "Alert" (Other clubs please note). A great big thank you must go to the organisers, for a marvellous day, the cost of which came from the yearly subscription £2.00p.a. Roll on Portmeirion, here is one person who will not want to escape from the village. [1]

The society holds an annual convention in Portmeirion in either March or April each year over the course of a weekend.


  1. ^ the exact date of the con is unknown, but this report is from Galactic Times #2 which was published in November 1977