Galactic Times

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Title: Galactic Times
Publisher: out of the UK
Editor(s): Pamela Barnes and Miri Rana
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1977-?
Medium: print
Size: A4
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Science Fiction
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Galactic Times is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter published in the UK. There are at least two issues.

From an ad in STAG #25: "This newspaper/zine aims to cover all aspects of science fact and fiction. Published 2-monthly, subscription £1.75 per year."

Issue 1

Galactic Times 1 was published in 1977.

  • The Jewels of Fire (fiction) by Jessie Dixon (part one, part two was to be in issue #2, but "do to unforseen circumstances" was to be in issue #3, which in turn, was never published)
  • article on Voyager
  • two poems
  • a report on a Doctor Who convention
  • other unknown content

Issue 2

Galactic Times 2 contains 23 pages and was published in November 1977.

a recipe for Vulcan Salad: "I wonder what Uncle Sarek would like for dinner."
back cover of issue #2, uncredited
cover of issue #2, uncredited
  • Editorial (4)
  • Prisoner Convention (see The Prisoner Appreciation Society) (5)
  • Star Trek Red Alert (news and reports that Leonard Nimoy would not be in the Star Trek movie) (6)
  • full-page photo of a smiling spock (7)
  • Viewpoint (a long, crabby letter from a fan, one which negatively reviews the last issue of Galactic Times) (8)
  • Terracon (a con report, see that page) (10)
  • Intercon 78 (an Open Letter to "all Star Trek fans" -- it deals with rumors about this upcoming con and confirms that all con organizers are "Trekkers and all belong to clubs," that all money above the cost of the con will be given to charity as UK cons are "not commercial ventures as the USA Cons," and addresses the high hotel costs) (11)
  • No Way Home, poem by Thetis (12)
  • News (13)
  • Snippets (14)
  • Clubs and Societies (15)
  • Leisure Page (16)
  • Fanzine Reviews ( (four VERY short blurbs of four zines: "Black Hole," "The Fanderson Files, Random Factors, and "Tardis") (17)
  • Society for Creative Anachronisms (17)
  • Consumer Page (18) (a recipe for "Vulcan Salad")
  • Comic Captions (20)
  • Ads (21)
  • Problem Page (22)
  • Lonely Hearts (22)
  • Stop Press (23)