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A drinking game is when a group of people sit around and rapidly consume alcohol. The fannish version is usually tied into taking a drink when their favorite TV characters or shows engage in repeated acts or too familiar dialog (ex: the classic line from Star Trek, spoken by Dr McCoy: "He's dead Jim.")

There are no set rules for drinking games and in fact there can be multiple simultaneous drinking games across fandom. Some drinking games are based on community affiliation as when he members of the Virgule-L mailing list developed their version of The Professionals Drinking Game in 1993. The CI5 mailing list developed their own version: The Official CI5 Drinking Game in 1996. The members of the Usenet group alt.tv.x-files developed multiple versions for The X-Files the early 1990s.[1] The subscribers to the Starsky & Hutch Black Bean Soup newsletter made their own Black Bean Soup Starsky & Hutch Drinking Game.

In later years fans would make video versions of their favorite drinking game as in Lsketch42's The Official Supernatural Drinking Game (Hardcore Edition) created in 2007. The video edited all the 'drinkable" moments together to create an 4 minute 30 second orgy of drinking set to polka music.[2]

Examples of Usage

"Fans would sit around the TV, watching the show, glasses in hand, each one trying to be the first one to notice stereotypical behavior that called for a drink. The rationale was always that a good episodes would have few drinks, and a bad (3rd season?) show could put you on your lips in an hour. The game was always half pre-made rules, half on-the-fly consensus, so calling out a drink for something not on the list would be agreed with if it fit the profile. "

(I have noticed the amount of drinking going down in fandom, so this can be played with non-alcoholic liquids; this just cuts down on the difficulty level nearer the end of the episode.)

The Original ST Drinking game included a drink for such things as:

  1. He's Dead Jim.
  2. I'm a Doctor, not a...
  3. Captain, the engines canna take anymore
  4. Anytime Chekov tells a russion story.
  5. Anytime Kirk's shirt gets ripped off. # Tricorder or communicator usage etc...

Soon after ST:TNG was produced, a TNG drinking game appeared in fandom, including drinks for such things as:

  1. Engage
  2. Make it so
  3. Riker sitting with his legs spread open.
  4. Any references to the original ST or original Enterprise (Two drinks if the entire ep was a rip off of Classic ST)
  5. Anytime they use Geordie as a human tricorder/Data as a walking library unit... #Touching their communicator buttons/breasts..." [3]

Other Examples


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