Roswell Drinking Game

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Title: Roswell Drinking Game
Creator: RoswellAfterCurfew
Date(s): 2000 - (?)
Fandom: Roswell
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The Roswell Drinking Game was a drinking game for the Roswell fandom. There are several variations of this drinking game, the earliest version appears to be created by the RoswellAfterCurfew mailing list.


The Game for the show...

Each time a conversation between Michael/Maria turns into a fight/bickering, one drink. If they start yelling, two drinks.

Each time someone knocks on Max's window, one drink. If it's Liz, three drink's.

Each time Topolsky touches a member of the opposite sex, one drink. If that person is a minor, take two.

If an MIB screws up, one drink.

Each time Maria mentions something new agey, like acupuncture or cypress oil, one drink.

Each time Max/Liz have an almost kiss, stare at each other moment, one drink.

Each time Maria bitches about her mother's car, one drink.

Each time one of the alien's fixes something, one drink.

For each dream-walk, one drink.

Every time Michael has a vision, one drink.

Each time Kyle asks his father about Max, one drink. Vice versa, one drink.

Each time a Sarah McLachlan song plays, chug it down...

Each time Liz and Maria tell Alex it's Nothing! one drink.

Each time Kyle takes a stab at Max, one drink. If Max is there when Kyle insults him, two drinks.

Each time an alien eats something with tobasco sauce, two drinks.

Each time Liz has a monologue, four drinks.

Each time someone says Max or Liz, one drink. If it's Max or Liz who says the name, two drinks.

CHUG! If someone other than Liz and Max are in the episodes tag.

And the much anticipated FanFiction List...

If it has a rating of NC-17, one drink. If it's below PG-13, chug the bottle.

If it has angst, one drink. If it's PWP, two drinks. Plain old fluff, three drinks.

If it usues food in other ways than nourishment, one drink and open the chips.

If a couple has sex(actual intercourse), one drink. If it's both their first time, one drink. If it's only one's first time, three drinks. If it's the "last night", one drink. If a pregnancy results, two drinks.

If it involves a romantic pairing of more than two people, get the blender.