The Official CI5 Drinking Game

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Title: The Official CI5 Drinking Game
Creator: Christina P., with the help of others
Date(s): October 1996
Medium: online
Fandom: The Professionals
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In 1996 Christina P., with the help of others, developed the "Official CI5 Drinking Game" for the CI5 (mailing list).

The Official CI5 Drinking Game!!!! (amend as needed)

This is a game for at least two players, as it's no fun drinking alone! The object of the game is to see who gets plastered first, and of course, the definition of plastered can vary from player to player. Discuss and agree with the other players whether this means having uncontrollable giggles, being unable to find the pause and rewind button on the VCR, or the complete, all-out collapsing on the floor. If you can remember the rules by the end of the game you lose by forfeit. If you've picked the right set of events, or tags, which tell you you should drink, you should be drunk by the end of the 2nd episode. If you're not, well, you can play again later. We recommend good Scotch, and get the neat little glasses, too, so they clink properly when you make your toasts (and you will be) and they fit into one hand properly, so you can wave the other around freely when talking wildly and animatedly about your favorite character.

There are three levels to the game:

  • Beginner, for those who don't drink a lot or who only want to get a little drunk.
  • Advanced, for those who drink more often and who want to get plastered.
  • Professional Players Only, who either drink a lot or wish to be Three
  • Sheets to the Wind. (See the special section on this level.)

Pick your level, and then pick the events to tag your drinks with. Pick three tags only, and remember that you should drink only once for each tag for each character that you're following. For example, if you pick the tag that you drink whenever Cowley drinks, only take one drink for that scene, no matter how many times he refills his glass. Otherwise you'll be on the floor in five minutes. But if he comes back on in in the same scene later and takes a drink, you should take a drink.

Pick two episodes, and only two, because, I promise, you'll be -that- drunk by the end of the 2nd one that you won't be able to properly watch the third episode let alone find the VCR to put another tape in. Pick the two episodes in which you're fairly sure your tags will appear, cause it's no fun waiting and waiting while everyone around you is drinking and laughing! If you're not drunk, at least to some degree, by the end of the 2nd episode, then you've either picked the wrong tags or the wrong episodes and you'll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. All players need to agree on the episodes, but each player should have no more than one tag in common with the other players. If you find that a certain character tag has been ommitted, please feel free to include it, for example, spot Murphy in a towel - course, then, you'll be sober until Judgement Day. You may pick a tag from different levels, just to keep it interesting.

Beginning Player Tags:

  • Spot your character in a towel
  • When your character gets dressed or undressed
  • When the actors goose or grope each other
  • When a priest cops a feel of anyone
  • When anyone takes a shower/bath (or even attempts it)
  • Bodie/Doyle/Cowley checks his/anyone's watch
  • Doyle throws inert but potentially dangerous material at/towards Bodie
  • Any agent camps it up
  • Doyle laughs at one of his own jokes
  • A character introduces himself to anyone
  • Bodie says, "Sir."
  • Doyle says, "Sir," in his sarcastic way.
  • Your character is bleeding, for whatever reason
  • Your character leaves a bird for the job
  • Bodie or Doyle talk over the r/t and it's -not- about the job

Advanced Players

  • Your character runs (RUNS, not walks) with a gun in his hand
  • Bodie's fish face
  • Bodie's pout (either the sexy pout, the working pout, or the thinking pout - don't just pick "the pout" cause you'll be out for the count inside of 10 minutes.)
  • A prank is played on Cowley
  • When anyone says, "I dunno," or merely, "Dunno."
  • Hunt the plaid (upholstery or garments)
  • Your character wears black
  • Cowley chastises Bodie/Doyle
  • Endearments to or from Bodie or Doyle
  • Bodie/Doyle talks on the r/t - to each other
  • Your character talks on the r/t to anyone about the job
  • Bodie or Doyle kissing a bird
  • Doyle yells Bodie's name in exasperation

Professional Players Only - The Official Pam R. Version (Be warned, alchohol poisoning may result - and a hangover is guaranteed.)

  • Take a drink every time ANY character eats, drinks, shoots, or drives.

Good luck and have fun!