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Name: Sylvia Bond
Alias(es): Christina P., lovesrain44
Type: writer, fan, vidder
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek: TOS, Red October, Dark Shadows, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural
Communities: LiveJournal
URL: AO3 account (some zinefic is posted here)
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Sylvia Bond is a fanwriter.


From 2008 in Fanfiction: A Cautionary Tale:
Sylvia Bond is a ten-year technical writing veteran with too many degrees under her belt to count. She lives in Colorado, but does not ski, preferring instead to spend her money and time at the annual Great American Beer Festival, taking road trips across the United States, and reading historical fiction from the comfort of her fluffy green arm chair. She has been involved in fandom since 1993 and been writing fanfic since approximately 1993. What she finds most amazing about fandom (besides the open heartedness of fans and the sheer amount of creativity) is how visible fandom has become. "In my day," she says, "we had to hide behind P.O. boxes to get fanfic. But nowadays, people wear t-shirts that shout their affiliation and share their shiny toys on the internet. It’s a wonderful world."

On Fandom

[I remember] the passion with which I collected and read my zines, or sorted through photographs and bought plastic sleeves for everything. All the fandoms I collected were a part of my life in some way. I think that I had more Professionals stuff because the writing in the Pros fandom was off the charts. It was seriously the best writing, and outshone everything else. Dark Shadows was the hardest to go through because it was the most emotional fandom I had ever been in; Dark Shadows fans, myself included, were a little bit odd, to say the least. [1]

I wrote Velveteen Hutch and Sky Blue and Black… in 1993/1994.

I thought Sky Blue and Black was the more sophisticated of the two stories, but no zine wanted it on account of the level of violence in it, which, at the time, did not fit what Starsky & Hutch readers wanted. Red Hot Lovers was happy to print the story, but it got very little love.

On the other hand, Velveteen Hutch, a much simpler, easier to write story, hit the ground running. It became a fan favorite for years and years! I was a little surprised at the reception, honestly because, like I said, it was easier to write. Readers wanted the Starsky companion piece, which I wrote, finally, in 2008. It was called Corduroy Starsky. As this story came out at the tail end of the printed zine era, it didn't get much exposure.

The contrast between the reception of these stories taught me a lot about writing. The Starsky & Hutch fannish community was close knit and we all knew each other. It was like family to me. There's a story like mine behind almost every single fan fiction you will ever read. [2]

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