The Professionals Drinking Game

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Title: The Professionals Drinking Game
Creator: members of the Virgule-L mailing list
Date(s): Summer 1993
Medium: online
Fandom: The Professionals
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The Professionals Drinking Game is a drinking game developed by members of the Virgule-L mailing list over the summer of 1993. Below is the game, as posted in its initial format by Sandy Herrold on July 8, 1993. It is reposted here with permission.

In response to the "in person" drinking game, Lynn C., Alexfandra and others developed one of the more innovative drinking games - a solo 'drink while reading fanfic' drinking game: The Professionals FanFic Drinking Game.

"Remember, the game is played in a room full of salacious, lavicious fen, each with a glass of their favorite potable in front of them. In case of questionable activities, try for a consensus--if you can't reach one, throw your drinks over the holdouts!

A drink is anytime you notice:

1) car swerving
2) no rearview mirror, or face shots 'framed' by a car mirror (a la the bullshitters)
3) Cow's bum leg
4) touching of one Lad by another
5) pure malt scotch, in fact, anyone orders a drink or has a pint glass in hand!
6) continuity glitches (can't use Prof. Insight or Cmplt Prof's)
7) butt shots
8) crotch shots
9) the Cow yelling at the boys
10) the Cow calls the lads "lads"
11) the boys using a nickname, (two drinks for 'The Cow' or 'Sunshine')
12) planting a bug or removing a bug
13) they make a bet about anything
14) guns wrapped up in plastic
15) they have a bomb planted on them, two drinks if *they* have to defuse it.
16) first time you see Doyle wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes--or Bodie a jacket that doesn't cover his ass.
17) the two lads alone together in one or the other's flat (two drinks if one or both of them appears partially undressed)
18) someone is killed (two drinks for each death after the body count passes 5)
19) the Cow yelling at the lads for fucking up (two drinks if the Cow says they're responsible for someone's death unless the overall body count has already exceeded five -- if it has, each player must down the remains of her glass)
20) the Cow puts the lads in mortal danger without back-up or otherwise sets them up (two drinks if he admits it)
21) "the minister" or another high-ranking member of the UK government is mentioned as having an interest in a case (two drinks if s/he actually appears on camera) (one standing chorus of "God Save The Queen" if the royal family is mentioned in any context)"