The Bullshitters

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Name: The Bullshitters: Roll Out the Gunbarrel
Creator: Keith Allen, Peter Richardson (writers), Stephen Frears (director)
Date(s): 3 November 1984
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: UK
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The Bullshitters is a stand-alone television episode that spoofs The Professionals, starring Keith Allen as Bonehead (Bodie), Peter Richardson as Foyle (Doyle), and Robbie Coltrane as Commander Jackson (Cowley). When first aired in 1984, The Bullshitters episode wasn't formally part of The Comic Strip Presents series but is now included under its umbrella.

Delightfully for slash fans, The Bullshitters takes a step or two beyond the on-screen bromance between Bodie and Doyle, and has Bonehead and Foyle finally declare their love for each other and reconnect with a passionate kiss.

The characters Bonehead and Foyle return in a later Comic Strip short film titled Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown (1993).

As in the previous film, Bonehead and Foyle attach great importance to guns, witty one-liners and self-conscious efforts at looking un-self-consciously good on-screen.[1]

Fan Comments

The Bullshitters. I adore it, and definitely consider it has potential. I only discovered it in January '91 (I had a deuce of a time getting hold of a copy). I've written one and a half stories set in the universe, but am disappointed that I haven't run into any others out there in hatstand land. Are there any? [2]


It seems there are only a few Bullshitters fanworks.

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