The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Name: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rocky Horror
Abbreviation(s): RHPS
Creator: Richard O'Brien, 20th Century Fox
Date(s): Original release: 1975; still playing today.
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: US, UK
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A movie based on a stage play (The Rocky Horror Show) by Richard O'Brien, which had a poor showing during its original release. After being shown as a Midnight Movie, it became a cult classic, wherein fans shouted lines at the screen, apparently interacting with the characters, and dressed up as those characters. In many theaters, the entire movie is acted out in front of the screen simultaneously.

It was a big part of the inspiration for Mystery Science Theater 3000[1], and was where a number of cosplay fans got started.

The Film

Rocky Horror is a musical that parodies old science fiction and horror B movies. Narrated by Charles Gray (Mycroft Holmes), the story follows two newlyweds who stumble on a castle crawling with strange people in fishnet stockings and owned by the "Transylvanian transsexual" alien Dr. Frank N Furter, who creates a man a la Frankenstein and names him Rocky. Then he kills Meat Loaf. Everyone has sex with everyone else, while other people are jealous. Frank N Furter gets his just desserts, but not before everyone is forced to don leather for a song in the swimming pool. See the Wikipedia article for more details.

Performance and participation

The major fan activity associated with Rocky Horror is the tradition of having a live stage performance with the film projected onto a screen behind the actors. Audience participation is a significant part of the experience, as viewers deploy props (cards, rice, newspaper) and shout memorized MST3K-style call-out lines at various points during the film. Many people wear costumes, including those who don't usually engage in cosplay.


Example Fanfiction

A moderate amount of fanfiction has been written, mainly archived at, which has nearly a thousand stories. It's a Yuletide staple. Rocky Horror-themed fanfiction sometimes gets written in other fandoms.

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