Project Quantum Leap

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Name: Project Quantum Leap
Date(s): 1991-present
Moderator: Karen Funk Blocher
Fandom: Quantum Leap
URL: Project Quantum Leap, Archived version
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Project Quantum Leap is a fan club for the TV show Quantum Leap.

It was the ... " longest-running international fan club for Quantum Leap, its creative team and its stars, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell." [1]

It was founded in 1991 in association with the United Whovians of Tuscon.

From Coming Attractions v.3 n.7 in July 1995: "The Club has grown over 40% since the series was cancelled in April 1993, and our world wide membership is growing by leaps (!) and bounds."


"Official" Tangles and TPTB

The club offered to serve as the show's official fan club, but the offer was declined. The studio allowed them to continue existing unofficially on the condition that the club not publish any fan fiction.

However, a few months later the fan club's existence was called into question. In 1991, the fourth issue of The Observer reported that the fan club was threatened with closure in favor of a studio sponsored official fan club. According to one MCA-Universal representative: "We're not shutting you down, we're merging you in." The newsletter's editor commented: "'s far from clear to us what that means. If copyright stops us from publishing and 'clubbing' what will that mean for The Imaging Chamber, the Quantum Quarterly, the Quantum League, and Leapin' In? Will all our fan efforts be replaced by one slick official newsletter....Oh boy, we hope not."

A few years later, the threats against the fan club seemed to have died down. In issue #7/8 of The Observer (1993), the editor comments briefly on the threatened studio shut-down of the fan club: "Sixteen months ago, we didn't know whether Universal was about to shut us down. Now it looks as if we and Quantum Leap are both going to be around for a while yet."

From the Club's Website

Project Quantum Leap is a fan club not of dues or duties... exists only because we all love Quantum Leap!

Who We Are

Project Quantum Leap is an international organization of fans dedicated to the television series Quantum Leap and its stars, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.


Project Quantum Leap has been in existence since 1990. Our purpose is two-fold:

1) to serve as a forum for the multitude of talented people involved in the creation of our favorite television series, and hopefully, any future Quantum Leap movie and/or series;

2) through our website, our semi-annual publication (The Observer), and our monthly newsletter (Coming Attractions), to maintain the highest standard in providing information, interviews and analytical articles, with no advertising, fan fiction or gossip.