Coming Attractions

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Title: Coming Attractions
Publisher: Project Quantum Leap
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Coming Attractions was a short Quantum Leap newsletter published by Project Quantum Leap.

front page of v.4 n.5

Coming Attractions V.4 N.5 was published in May 1, 1996. It contains two pages. The content consists of information about IndyLeap '96, Leap Con souvenirs for purchase, information about Scott and Dean in movies and television, official Quantum Leap books and videos for sale, and a letter writing campaign.

About the letter campaign:

The time is finally here for us to write to MCA/Universal, which owns Quantum Leap, and encourage them to make a Quantum Leap movie. We've designated the week of May 19-25 as the time to write, and we hope all of you will send

We conducted a letter-writing campaign to Silver in January 1995, and there were signs immediately afterward that they might be considering a QL movie, when MCA was sold to Seagram's. Silver survived the massive personnel changes following the sale, and was actually promoted, so we know we have a permanent person to whom to write, and a person who has the power to greenlight a QL movie ail by himself. Both Scott and Deborah Pratt were very cautiously optimistic at LeapCon about the new regime being more receptive to a QL movie, and we hope that's the case.

So - let's take out pen and paper and write to Mr. Silver. Let him know you like Quantum Leap and would like to see a Quantum Leap movie with Scott and Dean as Sam and Al. Try to make your letter brief and courteous. We need as many letters as possible to arrive at Silver's doorstep so we can convince him a QL movie will be a moneymaker. Also, we've now organized the entire planet, and we hope people from countries other than the U.S will also write letters. These days, many movies make their profits from foreign sales, so letters from abroad are very important. Since a TV movie isn't a viable possibility, we want to encourage Silver to make a feature film, which wouldn't be subject to the errors of a flawed TV ratings system, and where every person who attends would be counted. We hope everyone will take a few minutes to write to Silver, send it during the week of May 19-25, and let him know we're still here and we'd like a Quantum Leap movie.