Dreams Unwind

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Title: Dreams Unwind
Publisher: Bookhouse Press
Author(s): L. Gray
Cover Artist(s): J. Calvin Smith
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Language: English
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Dreams Unwind is a slash Twin Peaks 345-page novel by L. Gray. Art by J. Calvin Smith


From a flyer: "Recovering from his ordeal in the Black Lodge, Cooper searches for Harry Truman's long-missing wife in the hope of somehow also finding his own peace of mind. In the search he learns more about Twin Peaks and finds a more intimate relationship with Harry."


"Ed nodded, looked at Hawk. "Where do we start?"

"At the end. With the ring."

This answer intrigued Cooper, but he waited patiently for the two men to coordinate their conversation. Finally Ed said, "Harry was married a while back."

"Divorced?" Cooper was surprised; somehow he couldn't picture this. Hawk and Big Ed looked at each other, then Ed said, "No, it's more complicated than that." . . . "Libby disappeared."

There was something about that simple statement that sent a chill down Cooper's spine. "What do you mean, disappeared? You mean she left town?" Hawk gave him a long look, then rose, walked to the window, and stood looking out, as if disassociating himself from the conversation. Ed looked at him helplessly for a moment, then shook his head. "No, she didn't leave town.

She disappeared. Vanished clean off the face of the earth."