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Live-Action Film Fandom
Director:Paul Verhoeven
Production companies:Orion Pictures
Release date:17 July 1987
Genre:Science fiction, action
Country:United States
External links:IMDB
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RoboCop is a popular 1980s franchise that focuses on the police officer, Alex Murphy, becoming "RoboCop" after nearly killed by a gang of criminals in a futuristic-set Detroit, Michigan. It spawned two sequel films, TV series, animated series, Video Games, comic books and remakes.


RoboCop is a fairly small fandom with only about 42 fics (22 crossovers) located on FFN and 45 fanworks on AO3 as of April 2020. Fanart are posted to DeviantArt. The fandom is mainly focused on the original RoboCop film series (1987-1993), the 2014 remake RoboCop, and RoboCop: The Series (1994). Since fanworks are rare, it's hard to tell which are the most common pairings, however Alex Murphy/Clara Murphy and Alex Murphy/Dennett Norton has appeared.


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