Our Little Secret Press

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Zine Publisher
Name: Our Little Secret Press
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: multifandom
Status: active
Other: fanzine publisher
URL: http://www.neonrainbowpress.com/
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Our Little Secret Press was a publisher of gen zines.

1993 flyer

In 1993, it was one of the three fanzine publishers that came together to form Neon Rainbow Press. The other two were Ooga-Booga Times Press and Project Nine Press.

Some Zines

Proposed Zines

Zines that were proposed but did not make it off the ground.

  • Next Assignment (Counterstrike letterzine with fiction)
  • The Easy Life (a Raven zine with fiction, LOCs, missing scenes, crossovers, articles.)
  • Stuck in Limbo (letterzine with fiction about John di Aquino and his series Wildside, Dirty Dozen, and Shades of LA.)
  • Your Law, Not Mine (Street Justice zine... fiction, poems, filks, and art. "Crossovers, alternative, parallel and fantasy universes all welcomed. Exploration of the time when the characters were separated is okay, too. No slash, but adult material will be considered.")