Ooga-Booga Times Press

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Zine Publisher
Name: Ooga-Booga Times Press
Contact: Cinda Gillian
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: War of the Worlds
Status: active
Other: fanzine publisher
URL: http://www.neonrainbowpress.com/
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Ooga-Booga Times Press began publishing fanzines in 1988.

1993 flyer

In 1993, Our Little Secret Press and "Ooga-Booga Times Press" combined to become Neon Rainbow Press.

Zines Published

Proposed Zines

Zines that did not make it off the ground.

  • Off the Beeton Trek ("A one-shot all WOW humor zine. Send short stories, missing scenes, vignettes, lists, cartoons, anything that's cute, funny, hysterical, etc. Crossovers are okay.")
  • You're Out of Your Mind! ("A one-shot all WOW fiction zine with a focus or twist on the aliens. We want Quinn stories, resurrection stories, stories that pit our heroes against the Morthren and/or the Advocates, stories from the alien's point of view, stories about bad aliens going good, the synths, crossovers where the Blackwood Project meets other aliens, etc.. No slash, but we'll consider adult material."