Over the Edge (multimedia zine)

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Title: Over the Edge
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Over the Edge is a 150-page multifandom anthology. It has slash, gen and original fiction. Over the Edge has two sister zines: Not In Your Wildest Dreams and Strictly an Indulgence.

Original Fiction

  • The Diary (by Rachel Travis) Details a few days in the life of a young woman heading west on a wagon train. Romantic overtones. (4)
  • The Walk (by Carrie Kroft) A romantic fantasy that comes true. (1)
  • Little Dogs and Rag Girls (by Karla Gifford) A slightly dark tale of a young girl abandoned by her mother and the toy that helps her find a new family. (7)

Slash Fiction

  • A Night of Memories (by Mary L. Millard) Wild Wild West. Jim West isn't acting quite normal, and when Artie finds out why a whole new world of possibilities opens up. (6)
  • The Real Thing (by Khylara) The Man From UNCLE. Illya might have found a way to hide his feelings, but it can't last forever. (9)
  • The Real Thing (by Leah S.) Starsky and Hutch. It's a wedding day and you're invited. (2)
  • To Move Heaven and Earth (by Duval) Houston Knights. LaFiamma is grabbed by fanatics and it's up to Lundy to save him. Also in One in Ten #7. (15)
  • Boy Toy (by Smythe) War of the Worlds. Norton Drake and the colonel discover that they share something in common. (8)
  • Bad Penny (by M.A. Calhoon) War of the Worlds. A "correction" to the second season that reveals the real reason why Kincaid was tossed out of Ironhorse's unit. (12)

Gen Fiction

  • Loose Cannon (by Leesa Warren) Walker, Texas Ranger. A missing scene from "Something in the Shadows." Walker is missing and Trivette is walking on the edge. (4)
  • A Fan Writer's Mind (by Jerkey Treat) War of the Worlds... sort of. Ironhorse and Blackwood find themselves trapped in the mind of a fan writer. (9) Script format. (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #22)
  • Separate Ways (by Mac) War of the Worlds. This story creates a new alternative universe for "The Second Wave." Ironhorse awakes following the destruction of the clone and the Cottage only to find that he's acquired some unusual talents. (19)
  • No Way Home (by Mac) War of the Worlds. A sequel to "Separate Ways." Ironhorse makes his decision about contacting the Blackwood Project, but fate steps in. (14)
  • Storyteller (by Cheryl Benson) War of the Worlds. Debi tells her children a story. (2)
  • On the Edge (by Jody Norman) War of the Worlds... sort of. Set in the Star Trek: The WOW Generation alternative universe. Two members of the Crazy Horse find themselves captive of an alien who learns through torture. (38)
  • Comaland (by Cheryl Benson) Multi-media. Ever wonder where characters go while they're in a coma? This is the answer! (1)