Not In Your Wildest Dreams

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Title: Not In Your Wildest Dreams
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Jody Norman & Cinda Gillilan
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Genre: slash, gen
Fandom: multimedia, original fiction
Language: English
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Not In Your Wildest Dreams is a 153-page slash, gen and original fiction anthology.

It has two sister zines: Over the Edge and Strictly an Indulgence.


Original Fiction

  • Medic! (by C.L. Trace) Explores the horrors of war and its aftermath. (6)
  • Reflections (by Alyx Lynne) A "what if" story with two actors who died too soon. They are given a second chance. (6)
  • The Legend of Georgianna Falls (by Krista Lebednik) A young woman finds that she's heir to more than she anticipated. (2)
  • The White Rose (by Carol Mingst) A dark fantasy tale centered on a car accident. (3)
  • Winds of Heaven (by Jody Norman) Time and space cannot keep two lovers apart. A homoerotic story. (26)

Slash Fiction

  • Deal (by Debra Hicks) Alias Smith and Jones. Hannibal Heyes begins to see Kid Curry in a new light. (6)
  • The Beginning of Love Affair (by Mary L. Millard) The Man From UNCLE. After a case goes bad Illya and Napoleon grow much closer. (8)
  • Accidental Knowledge (by Elle Cica) Houston Knights. Lt. Joanne Beaumont discovers something new about her two best detectives. (12)
  • The Dark Terror Affair (by Mary L. Millard) The Man From UNCLE. After Illya is exposed to a THRUSH gas he's not too stable, but Napoleon provides the anchor he needs. (13)

Gen Fiction

  • Wanderer (by Cheryl Benson) The Man From UNCLE and Deep Space 9. When Illya finds himself on the space station he's more than a little confused. (3)
  • The Dinner (by Pamela J. Corsa) Star Trek. She's human, new to Vulcan and going out to dinner with a local. What else could go wrong? Lots! (19)
  • Better Late Than Never (by Paul Gallegos) Ranma 1/2. Ranma is having a hard time making a good impression. (11)
  • Blood Will Out (by Angela Twislton) Amber. A dabble into the world of Amber. (3)
  • The Nature of the Beast (by Angela Twislton) Amber. Brand was loved once, but... (4)
  • Cinderella (by Angela Twislton) Amber. She's seventeen and in love with Corwin. Impossible, but dreams can come true. (4)
  • The Unsaid: One of THOSE Days (by J.P. Cads) War of the Worlds. When all the females at the Cottage are in synch one month, the men do the only thing they can - run! (5) (reprinted in [[Green Floating Weirdness] #21)
  • Last Thoughts (by Kathy Condon) MacGyver. Murdoc gets a last shot at Mac and misses. (2)
  • Better Left Unsaid: Boys' Night Out (by J.P. Cads) War of the Worlds. Deciding that they deserve a little R&R after surviving Operation PMS, the Omegans launch Operation Petticoat. (6) (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #21)
  • Recurring Nightmare (by Kathy Condon) Multi-media. A series of partner confrontations that couldn't happen, except in your wildest dreams! (2)