The Eyes Have It!

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Title: The Eyes Have It!
Publisher: Wizard Works/Emerald City Press
Editor(s): J. Keeler (Jan Keeler)
Date(s): 1988-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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The Eyes Have It! is a gen multimedia anthology. There are eight issues and two special editions. The two special editions later became a series called Second Story Simons.

Some volumes have include a "!" at the end of the title, and others don't.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

The Eyes Have It! 1 was published in 1988 and contains 99 pages.

  • Return Engagement by Brenda Anders (Simon & Simon) (25 pages)
  • Never Forgotten by Char Wray (Simon & Simon) (3 pages)
  • Come Together by Elizabeth Yost (Magnum PI) (3 pages)
  • Film At 11:00 by Jackie Edwards (Murder, She Wrote) (18 pages)
  • A Mother & Son: a Soliloquy by Christine Jeffords (Simon & Simon) (4 pages)
  • Broken Illusions by Valerie DeVries (Simon & Simon) (30 pages)
  • poetry, art, and filk

Issue 2

The Eyes Have It! 2 contains 132 pages and while undated, was probably published in 1989. It contains no interior art.

  • My Space, editorial (0)
  • Ghostriders, fiction by Brenda Anders (Simon and Simon) (1)
  • To: Lily Catherine, poem by Elizabeth Yost (Magnum PI) (32)
  • Summer's Out of Reach, fiction by Michele Lellouche (Riptide) ( (33)
  • Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, fiction by Margaret Basta (Remington Steele) (51)
  • Slaver's Steele, fiction by Valerie DeVries (Remington Steele) (60)
  • Partners, fiction by Marion Hall (Simon and Simon) (111)
  • San Diego's Finest, fiction by Char Way (Simon and Simon) (121)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

The Eyes Have It! 3 was published in 1990 and is 103 pages long.

  • Haunting Memories by Char Wray ("The Simon family attend a Vietnam Veterans picnic where A.J. learns that not all the battlefields of that war were fought in Southeast Asia. With the help of a vet, A.J. is finally able to put the war behind him.") (Simon and Simon) (6 pages)
  • What's A Little War Between Friends? by Cinda Gillilan ("The beginning of the Riptide Agency wasn't smooth sailing. Seven years of wandering, small jobs and war memories stood between Allen and Ryder.") (reprinted in The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #1) (Riptide) (22 pages)
  • A Father and Son Reunion by Marion Hall ("The magic of Christmas trees and Christmas eve lets A.J. talk to his father. A heartwarming story of love and dreams.") (Simon and Simon) (26 pages)
  • A Traffic In Dreams by Valerie DeVries ("Crockett and Tubbs are assigned to "babysit" a presidential candidate--easy job, huh? Not if Tory has anything to say about it!") (Miami Vice) (18 pages)
  • Over There by Michele Lellouche ("Derek and Jake are on a case. All roads leads to London. How are they in trouble with Scotland Yard? It takes some quick thinking and a little help from J.L. to set things right.") (Jake and the Fatman) (22 pages)
  • All Ill 'cept The Boz, Still by Cinda Gillilan ("Nick and Cody are suffering from an extremely long bout of the flu--Boz invents a pointedly shocking way to cure them.") (reprinted in The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #1) (Riptide) (7 pages)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

The Eyes Have It! 4 was published in May 1991 and is 163 pages long.

  • Lullaby by J. Sibley (Simon and Simon) (6 pages)
  • Self-Delusions by Valerie DeVries ("When Bodie and Doyle are sent to protect a key witness, things keep blowing up around them. They uncover a plot to destroy CI5. Who would want the agents dead? Or do they really want their witness? Read Self-Delusions to find out who lives and who dies.") (Professionals) (47 pages)
  • Paid In Full by D.D. Brischke ("When Mark and the Judge visit an old friend in Hawaii, it turns into more than just a vacation for Mark, Magnum and the whole crew. Robin Masters needed his friend Hardcastle, Hardcastle needed his friend Mark, together they needed TC, Rick, Magnum, Higgins, and Icepick. What does Icepick have behind those walls? How can Magnum possibly help Mark in the Grand Prix? Will Higgins ever control the lads?") (Hardcastle and McCormick/Magnum, P.I.) (80 pages)
  • It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, Part 1 ("Take ten different authors, add ten different fandoms, put them in a suspected haunted house and we'll bet anything can happen. Follow Rick and A.J., Nick, Cody and Boz, the A-Team, Agent Cooper, Remington Steele, and others on a search for answers to their questions! Who are you? Are you married?") (9 pages)
  • Short Circuited by C. Sray (Riptide) (20 pages)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

The Eyes Have It! 5 was published in May 1992 and contains 161 pages.

  • Aloha, Mr. Simon by Mary Stano ("Rick goes to Hawaii to help a buddy from 'Nam and disappears. A.J. follows, but it's hard to follow a trail that isn't there. Magnum knows the islands and has connections and A.J. needs all the help he can get, but from the Navy computers?") (multi-media/Magnum: P.I.) (18 pages)
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Char Wray ("When one of the Riptide Agency gets shot, the others can do nothing but wait. "How did it happen?" "...we were on the Pier when we ran into a robbery in progress...shots were fired and he went down...took a bullet in his chest.") (Riptide) (2 pages)
  • Just Players by Valerie DeVries (Simon and Simon/Magnum PI) (18 pages)
  • Good Looking Italian Boys by Anne and Elaine Batterby ("Well, Sam and Al are at it again, only this time they are in Houston, and Sam leaps into LaFiamma, a former Chicago cop now stationed in Houston. Sam's job is easy...he only has to prevent his own murder and figure out Lundy. It may be easier to solve the four other murders.") (Houston Knights/Quantum Leap) (32 pages)
  • It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, Part 2 by Carole G. Crater, Valerie DeVries, Jean Hinson, Robin LaSalle, and Joyce Strohm ("Five authors continue our romp in the haunted house, now joined by Sam and Al, Miami Vice, Twin Peaks, and the characters of all our favorite shows.") (14 pages)
  • Night Court by D.D. Brischke (Hardcastle and McCormick) (62 pages)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

The Eyes Have It! 6 contains 102 pages and was published in May 1993. It has fiction from Professionals, Riptide, Simon and Simon/Professionals, Riptide, Simon and Simon/Professionals, Simon and Simon/Magnum PI, and Quantum Leap/Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

  • Lei of the Land by Mary G Stano (Simon & Simon/Magnum PI) (1)
  • No Leap Of Roses by Anne Batterby & Elaine Batterby (Scarecrow & Mrs. King/Quantum Leap) (10)
  • Dangerous Game, poem by Melissa Mastoris, art by Todd Parrish (Hunt For Red October) (20)
  • Nine-Tenths Of The Law by Joyce Strohm (Simon & Simon - Professionals) (21)
  • Schoolmaster, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Hunt For Red October) (49)
  • Abandon Ship by Valerie DeVries (Riptide) (50)
  • Peace, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Hunt For Red October) (74)
  • Aftershocks by Londa Pfeffer (Professionals) (75)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

The Eyes Have It! 7 was published in May 1995 and is 197 pages long. Front cover is by BEKi; interior art is by BEKi and Susan Williams.

  • Those Godammed Shit Sucking Vampires (Lost Boys) by Patricia Kelley--The famous "let's bring mama to dinner" scene, rewritten so there is a different ending to the movie. (1)
  • Small Victory by Elaine Overby ("Richard Kimball comes to terms with a bully in his new job.") (The Fugitive (TV)) (11)
  • Stealing Away by Valerie DeVries ("It turns out to be a lousy Christmas for LaFiamma. First Lundy goes on vacation, then Joe gets shot.") (Houston Knights) (13)
  • Death of Mother & Country, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Memphis Belle) (20)
  • Kung-Fu Two, filk by Roberta Rogow (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (21)
  • Alice, poem by Melissa Mastoris (The Last of the Mohicans) (22)
  • The Power of Love by Patricia Kelley ("Can Two-Face ever really love someone?") (Batman) (23)
  • Worth the Wear of Winning by Sheila Paulson (The Real Ghostbusters) (25)
  • A Christmas Promise by Heidi Bloebaum ("After the episode "Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Steele", Laura knows what to get Steele for Christmas.") (Remington Steele) (38)
  • Patient Summary for Harvey Dent by Patricia Kelley (Batman) (40)
  • Justice. poem by Melissa Mastoris (JFK) (51)
  • Steele Stetsons by Debra and Anna Barber ("What happens when Steele and Ms. Holt come to Washington to find Mildred?") (Remington Steele/Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (53)
  • The 1,000-Year Long Night by Elaine Overby ("Richard Kimble evades a police cordon.") (The Fugitive) (2 pages)
  • Titans Together, Titans Forever by Patricia Kelley ("A grim story in which the Justice League discovers the Titans murdered by a supernatural entity, and must watch their final moments.") (Teen Titans/Justice League) (83)
  • Return Of The Lost Ark by Cynthia Fee ("Indy isn't the only one interested in the powers of the Ark.") (Star Wars/Indiana Jones) (97)
  • Descione's Last Steele by Debra and Anna Barber ("Murphy Michaels gets into more trouble than Remington Steele can get him out of alone.") (Remington Steele/Perry Mason) (105)
  • As the Asylum Burns by Patricia Kelley (Batman) (125)
  • N.Y.P.D. Buckskin: a Parody by Annmarie ("Time and space become a very sheer fabric during a thunderstorm.") (NYPD Blue/Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) (145)
  • Murder Off Makapuu Point by Christine Jeffords ("Rick Wright is accused of murdering a guest on the club's yacht. Is Magnum a good enough investigator to find the answers to this puzzle?") (Magnum, P.I.) (157)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

The Eyes Have It! 8 was published in May 1996 and has 113 pages.

cover of Simon and Simon issue #1

Simon and Simon Special 1

The Eyes Have It! Simon and Simon Special 1 was published in May 1992 and contains 175 pages.

  • Editor's Comments, Jan Keeler (0)
  • Life's Lesson by Valerie DeVries ("Rick's kept after school for disrupting the class, but it's A.J. who really is being punished--after being harassed by older boys, A.J. quietly waits outside Rick's classroom, until an unwarranted attack on another student puts Rick and A.J. into motion. Brother protecting brother, no matter what the cost.") (1)
  • Lifeline by Elaine Overby ("Routine surveillance--but something went wrong--they must have made us tailing them--the Power Wagon's tires were shot out, we flipped, and when the ruck finally stopped, I was still in it and A.J.") (7)
  • The Grand Illusion by Anne Swank ("Rick learns that six-year-old, secret boxes, and swords don't mix, and even a master illusionist like Rick occasionally needs help.") (15)
  • The Other Half of Me, poem by Heidi J. Bloebaum (22)
  • Seeing My Father in Me by Kendra Buxton (23)
  • My Life by Char Wray ("It takes a little magic and a very special friend to show Rick just what would have happened if he were never born. "It's A Wonderful Life," Simon style.") (43)
  • House Plans, architect is Regina Derov ("Do you know what A.J.'s house looks like?") (56)
  • Key of Hope by Mary G. Stano (59)
  • On the Way to Moussem by Anne Swank (80)
  • Repertory Company and House Plants by Regina Derov ("A complete eight season guest player's list.") (118)
  • Another Simon Saturday by Kenda Buxton ("A young Rick and A.J. look for something interesting to do on a rainy Saturday. In the end, Rick gets a little more than he bargained for.") (139)

Simon and Simon Special 2

cover of Simon and Simon issue #2

The Eyes Have It! Simon and Simon Special 2 was published in May 1993 contains 104 pages.

  • Search by Christine Jeffords ("A missing scene from Rough Rider Rides Again.")
  • A Simon Equation by Elaine Overby ("Cecelia gets kidnapped, the man responsible doesn't intend to let her go. He wants the brothers to watch her die, in order to avenge his own mother's death.")
  • Flowers Child by Mary Stano ("A woman from Rick's days in Vietnam appears on his door asking for help. Are A.J.'s instincts right? Does she mean his brother harm?")
  • Mysterious Woman by Anne Swank ("Travel back in time with Rick, A.J., and Sherlock Holmes to solve the case of the Mysterious Woman.")
  • New Kid On The Block by Ann Wigmore ("Twilight Zone time for A.J. He finds a "little" Rick that needs taking care of, but no one else sees him. "Little Rick" is running away from home because he's getting a new baby at his house. A.J. sees things from a different point of view.")
  • Rough Ride and Daby Crockett by Kenda Buxton ("When the Simon family go camping there is always adventure and something always goes wrong where they have to call on the Park Ranger.")
  • Simon and Simon and Brown by Jean Thrower ("This is a sequel to "A Whiter Shade of Pale," published in Brothers in Arms #3. A.J. is recovering from the flu and wakes up in another time, with another Rick and a very different business.")