Fireside Tales (multimedia zine)

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You may also be looking for Tales by the Fireside or Firesigns and Other Tales.

Title: Fireside Tales
Publisher: Nip & Tuck Press
Editor(s): Celestial Cat & Loretta G.
Date(s): February 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Fireside Tales is a gen multifandom 191-page anthology focusing on cops, spies and private eyes. It premiered at Media*West in 1990 and is dedicated to Gordon Jackson.

From an ad in Datazine #58: "Hey, all you wild and crazy fen out there, 'Fireside Tales' is full, all the way to it's sooty little chimney! Have we've got some good stuff for you. Can you stand it? Yeowza! Check this out!"

  • Slam Bang, Thank You, Vinnie by Cinda Gillilan (Wiseguy) (reprinted in Black Ops #5) (1)
  • An Adult's Decision by Alison Wilson (Simon and Simon) (5)
  • The Bolshevik Affair by Jean Graham--Illya is giving his fiance, Amanda Farrell, his infamous crash course in Russian grammar so she won't be lost when they honeymoon in Kiev. But why does Amanda have an UNCLE security clearance? And isn't that Napoleon Solo shadowing them? (Man from UNCLE) (15)
  • Laura by Sue-Anne Hartwick (The Sandbaggers) (23)
  • Never Fix a Flat With Starsky by Sheiler Nichols (Starsky and Hutch) (25)
  • Reflections in a Taxi (possibly by Leslie Charteris) (Man from UNCLE) (27)
  • Aftermath of Justice by Dave Bentley (Pros) (35)
  • Voodoo Vengeance by Gayle Fischer--Mrs. Peele's husband, Peter, has returned and she must leave the agency to be with him. But Peter's actions are so strange that Emma's suspicions are aroused. The danger is great and she must ask Steed for help. Are her actions to save her husband or her partnership? (The Avengers) (49)
  • Smile (79)
  • The Things We Have To Do by Cinda Gillilan (Riptide) (reprinted in The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #1) (81)
  • The Vengeance Is Mine Affair (possibly by Leslie Charteris) (Man from UNCLE) (85)
  • Fraudulent Steele by Richard Blaine (Remington Steele) (107)
  • Social Error by Mary Lynn Radissen (119)
  • What If…? (possibly by Leslie Charteris) (Man from UNCLE) (122)
  • Church Bells In Bogota (An Epilogue) (Mission Impossible) (123)
  • Thoughts by a Fire (Professionals) (127)
  • On a Horn of Dilemma by Rolaine Smoot (Airwolf) (129)
  • Staying by Sue-Anne Hartwick (The Sandbaggers) (140)
  • Lay Down Your Sword by Cinda Gillilan--Nick is kidnapped! Cody is drugged! Murray confused! It's a case of revenge. Will Cody and Murray find their friend in time to save his life or will they be forced to attend his funeral? (Riptide) (also in Anything Goes #7 and The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #2) (141)
  • A Day Off by MC (Pros) (159)
  • Ah…Flu by Marion Hall (Simon and Simon) ("Rick comes home from a reunion with his marine buddies to find AJ passed out in bed. Poor AJ, has a touch of the flu like Europe had the black death and it is Rick who must play wet nurse. Will AJ die of his illness or will he be murdered by his impatient big brother? Wait a minute, is Rick coughing, too?") (165)
  • Never Go Fishing With Starsky by Sheiler Nichols (Starsky and Hutch) (189)