Celestial Cat

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Name: Celestial Cat
Type: writer, zine editor, zine publisher, zine reader, convention attendee, huckster, award organizer
Fandoms: Dr. Who, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Professionals, Hardcastle and McCormick, Blake's 7, Real Ghostbusters, Sentinel, Andromeda, and way too many to list here.
URL: WayBack Archive link
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Celestial Cat is a zine writer and editor. Their press Cat-A-Tonic Press publishes a gen zine with a little slash, and het thrown in for good measure.

Celestial Cat was the founder of The Editor's Choice Awards which was sponsored by Vidcon.

Celestial Cat's personal website (1998-2001) included a zine webring, essays, info on cons (and how to behave at them) and more. See: Celestial Cat's Home