Slime Trails

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Title: Slime Trails
Publisher: Cat-A-Tonic Press
Editor(s): Celestial Cat
Date(s): 1991-1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Language: English
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cover of issue #1
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Slime Trails is a gen Real Ghostbusters anthology.

Issue 1

Slime Trails 1 was published in 1991, contains 111 pages and art by Ginger Fitts & Rolaine Smoot.

From the flyer:
Do you often sleep with the lights ON? Do shadows follow you down dark and lonely streets? Have you ever heard voices or been summoned to graveyards in the middle of the night? Do you crave stories from the flip side of the supernatural? Then this zine is for you. Hysterically funny. Deadly serious. Everything you never wanted to know about the afterlife, and then some.
  • Peter Venkman, Phone Home by Sheila Paulson--A demon kidnaps one of the guys. His motive: he wants a pet that won't faint dead away at the sight of him. (1)
  • You Bring Out the Beast in Me by Barbara Pyles--Peter's date goes a bit hairy when the full moon rises. (17)
  • Balanced on the Storm by Sheila Paulson--New York's weather has gone absolutely crazy. To top it off, both Peter and Slimer have disappeared. (25)
  • Eyes of Stones (poem) by Rolaine Smoot (52)
  • Innocent Wishes and Christmas Spirit by Barbara Pyles--Egon wishes that smart aleck Peter could walk a mile in his shoes, but fails to take in the consequences of such a wish made on the night of nights. (53)
  • Ray of My Heart by Rolaine Smoot--Ray loves his fellow teammates, and would do anything to help them. He's about to prove it. (59)
  • The Brand of the Serpent by Cindy Rancourt (65) ("The Ghostbusters travel to Mexico to face a former jewel thief who has come into possession of a power source capable of controlling the whole world. This plotline is drawn from an old X-Men comic. It adapted surprisingly well and remains a favorite to this day.")
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Issue 2

Slime Trails 2 was published in 1993 and contains 122 pages. Front cover is by Rolaine Smoot; back cover additions are by Eddi Fey. Interior art is by Eddi Fey, Suzie Molnar, Joy Riddle & Rolaine Smoot.

cover of issue #2
  • Maturity by Sheila Paulson--Ray finally finds the girl he's always wanted, but is she a dream date or a dud? (19 pages)
  • Gonzalez's Grim Fairy Tales by Sheila Schneider--Be careful when you buy old fairy tale books at used book stores, some of the stories can be deadly serious. (7 pages)
  • Sleepwalk by Ginger Fitts--Ray has been kidnapped by an alternate universe baddie and the guys race to rescue him, but they have to release a very nasty demon from the containment unit to do it. (63 pages)
  • The Fly by Lynn Tucker--The guys go on a call to capture a ghost fly. Harmless? You be the judge. (4 pages)
  • Post-Possession by Brenda A.--Peter found himself possessed of more than a smart mouth, but it's the aftermath that's the killer. (11 pages)
  • Night Vapors by Eddi Fey--The stray cat the guys picked up seems bent on killing Ray -- or is it the cat? (16 pages)

Issue 3

Slime Trails 3 was published in 1994 and contains 132 pages, six stories. Front cover is by Rolaine Smoot and back cover is by Eddi Fey. Interior art is by Marty Siegrest, Eddi Fey, Joy Riddle & Rolaine Smoot.

cover of issue #3
  • Joy Riddle, artist, won a 1995 FanQ
  • Knight in Rusty Armor by Sheila Paulson--Winston meets a beautiful woman at a mystery writers convention and promises to help her on the quest that has brought her to New York. (33 pages)
  • Brownie in the Basement by Mary Robertson--There's something benign in the basement at Ghostbuster Central that could turn deadly if a wrong word is spoken. (20 pages) (won a 1995 FanQ)
  • Gifts That Last by Debra Hicks--Egon and Peter reminisce about their college days, and a very special gift Egon gave Ray. (3 pages)
  • The Hunt by Eddi Fey--Janine is almost mugged near Central Park, but the call to the hunt from the fair folk saves her. Or has she become the hart? (16 pages)
  • Upon the Midnight Clear by Sheila Paulson--On Christmas Eve Egon volunteers to keep a lonely watch on a friend's experiment at the university instead of staying at the firehouse with the guys, but he has second thoughts about his altruism when he hears a strange noise in the hall. (12 pages)
  • Go Forth To War by Debra Hicks--The Ghostbusters go to Florida to clear out a haunted house and end up combining forces with the group from the Blackwood Project. But the enemy has a few evil tricks up its sleeve, and people from both human teams disappear from sight. (a crossover with War of the Worlds, also in Advocate Angst) (46 pages)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Slime Trails 4 was published in 1995 and contains 121 pages. Cover art is by Rolaine Smoot and back cover is by Eddi Fey. Interior art is by Marty Siegrest, Eddi Fey, Joy Riddle, Sheila Schneider & Rolaine Smoot.

  • Hunting Ground by Birgit Stabler--It's a pretty routine bust of a ghost in an old mansion until Peter and Janine disappear down a hole and a strange horse-like creature shows up. Winston and Egon would rescue them, if they could find the hole, but they've got their own problems when a very angry demon appears wanting its dinner. (22 pages)
  • Reflections on a Canvas by Debra Hicks--Winston goes to an exhibit of occult art and has an interesting evening when he meets the unexpected. Crossover with Forever Knight. (2 pages)
  • F.Y.I. or Bust by Julie Jay--Murphy Brown is plagued by spirits, Eldan has turned into Rambo, and the guys just wanna bust ghosts. You've got to read it to believe it! Crossover with Murphy Brown. (9 pages)
  • I'll Be Home For Christmas by Sheila Paulson--It's Christmas, and the guys try to help Winston through an emotional crises, but his best bet may be in the form of a lonely spirit searching for his own true love. (32 pages)
  • The Dating Game by Debra Hicks--Janine's past dates have been real winners, so the guys have taken to investigating her latest beaus. (2 pages)
  • Catalyst by Sheila Schneider--The resident ghost in a haunted house is bent on revenge and the Ghostbusters are in its sights, but the little 'pet' Ray picks up could throw a spanner in the specter's plans. Won a 1996 FanQ. (25 pages)
  • The Ghostbusters Anthem by Claire Cross (poem)
  • Demons of the Mind by Birgit Stabler--Peter Venkman, resident psychologist and all around pain in the keester is suffering from emotional overload. Does he go to the guys and tell them what's bugging him? He's Peter isn't he? (6 pages)
  • When You Wish Upon A Mouse by Sheila Schneider--Peter must spend a dull and quiet week alone with the newest resident of Ghostbuster Central, and a magical mouse. Sequel to "Catalyst". (14 pages)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Slime Trails 5 contains 124 pages and was published in 1996. It required an age statement due to the X-rated story "And Winds Will Rise". Cover and back cover art is by Eddi Fey; interior art is by Eddi Fey, Rolaine Smoot, Marty Siegrest, Joy Riddle & Sheila Schneider.

Summaries are from Media Monitor #34:

  • The Awakening by Birgit Stabler--There's trouble at the museum when an Egyptian mummy starts draining life energy from people. The guys have a tough case on their hands, then they get some unexpected help from the local occult community and things really start hopping! (28 pages)
  • No Name on the Bullet by Birgit Stabler--Egon's been shot! Peter is mad as hell. 'Nuf said. (14 pages)
  • Is It You, Mickey? by Sheila Schneider--Leela's new passion is hunting mice, with a lasso, no less, but what she's going to do with Pinky and the Brain is anybody's guess. (crossover with Pinky and the Brain) (7 pages)
  • The Statue by Sheila Paulson--Rick and AJ Simon blow into town hunting a stolen statue. They're not too keen on the Ghostbusting business, especially when the statue turns out to be possessed! (crossover with Simon and Simon) (28 pages)
  • Anniversary by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith--Ray's being spied upon by his friends but the final result is most pleasing, even if Peter does get cold feet in the middle of it all. (12 pages)
  • How Much For Just The Coffins? by Julie Jay--Reports of Peter's death have been published prematurely--again--and the guys are really getting tired of it. (3 pages)
  • And Winds Shall Rise by Debra Hicks--Whew! Hey, those marks on Peter's back were not made by the fingernails of a beauteous maiden. And is that Ray all trussed up like a Christmas goose ready to be the main course? (23 pages)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Slime Trails 6 was published in 1997 and contains 110 pages. Art by Eddi Fey, Gina Dela Concha, Rolaine Smoot & Joy Riddle.

  • One of the Team by Sheila Paulson--Trust comes hard to a certain psychologist, but Peter's finally starting to find it in his heart to trust the newest member of the team: Winston Zeddemore. However, when they meet some homies from Winston's old 'hood, it could cost Peter his life. (1)
  • Cyber Nightmare by Peggy Kimbell--Ray is accused of industrial espionage, and Rollie from F/X is called in to prove his innocence or guilt. Crossover with FX: The Series. (11)
  • Reflections by Birgit Stabler--Mrs. Faversham turns a sympathetic ear when Peter has regrets about his treatment of little Kenny; the boy who almost got killed because he wanted to be a Ghostbuster. (27)
  • Reflections in a Stagnated Pool by Ann Leonhart--The sense of camaraderie around the firehall goes from bad to worse when Janine is raped and almost dies. The relationship between Egon and Janine is especially strained, and the final question arises of whether or not the team will survive. This is hurt/comfort at its highest. (33)
  • Syzygy (a letter from college) by Sheila Paulson--While in college, Ray writes a letter to his Aunt Lois about the new friends he's made: Egon and Peter. (65)
  • Of Bats and Poltergeists by Birgit Stabler--Stately Wayne Manor has a poltergeist, now it has the Ghostbusters. Find out what happens when the guys meet Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. The Batman. Will anyone survive? Crossover with Batman. (73)
  • Cat Calls, a Leela story by Sheila Schneider--The guys smuggle Leela into the theater where the musical 'Cats' is playing. Unknown to them, a mysterious entity haunts the theater, and it immediately focuses on Leela. This is a must read, if only for the ending. (91)
  • Zine listings (107)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Sandy Schreiber: "Yeah...I did a lot of covers. At some point, 'zine editors went to just using photo-montage covers, using art from the show....not as much fun as original art, in my opinion. I just love the expressions they all have, reacting to the slime in their own ways....can't get that in a frickin' photo montage..../end bitterness/ Watercolor on board. Hand lettered." [1]

Slime Trails 7 was published in 1998 and contains 177 pages. Cover art is by Sandy Schreiber; interior art is by Gina Dela Concha, Eddi Fey, Christine Renner, Joy Riddle & Rolaine Smoot.

  • On the Knife's Tip by James Walkswithwind--A demon concocts a foolproof plan to trap the Ghostbusters, it just didn't work out exactly like he planned. (1)
  • A Twist for Fate by Leigh Carson--Peter accidentally falls through a fairy ring while a ceremony is being performed, and it changes his entire outlook on life. This story contains an adult situation. (11)
  • Binomial (letters from college, part 2) by Sheila Paulson--Egon, ever the dutiful son, writes his mother a weekly letter from college, including the antics of fellow student, Peter Venkman. (49)
  • No Experience Necessary by Christine Renner--Janine, newly hired by the Ghostbusters, meets Egon for the very first time, and the guys confront a ghost who loves country and western music. (67)
  • Dark Shadows by Birgit Stabler--Only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but the guys might find out, too, if they and Lamont Cranston are to survive an entity that consumes the soul of everyone it touches. (crossover with The Shadow movie) (81)
  • A Business Proposition by Karen Hamilton--The guys get a call to go to an office building where Egon meets the woman who just might be the one to share the rest of his life. (119)
  • The World I Once Knew by Gina Dela Concha--In a world gone crazy, four strangers must find each other and go to a place that only exists in their dreams. (123)
  • Mrs. Faversham's Cat by Sheila Schneider--Leela finds a perfumed letter on Peter's desk and decides to meet the woman who wrote it. (149)
  • Zine Listings and Guidelines (161)

Issue 8

Slime Trails 8 was published in 1998 and has 154 pages. Cover art is by Gina Dela Concha; interior art is by Joy Riddle and Eddi Fey.

  • Toilet Talk by Kim Hamilton--Peter learns his lesson about sitting on the toilet without first looking, but he uses this information to a good end. Crossover with Little Monsters. (6 pages)
  • And Ever Shall Be by Sheila Paulson--Egon’s sister-in-law pays a visit to the fire hall, bringing with her painful memories and a ghostly problem. (24 pages)
  • Christmas in Manhattan by Donna Andrews--Ray has planned to give Peter a very special Christmas gift, but when he goes to pick it up, he runs afoul of a thief with a gun, a small boy, and a ghost where he least expected it. (16 pages)
  • A Girl's Fright Out by Sheila Schneider--A teenaged Janine visits the Columbia University campus and has her very first encounter with the spirit world. (3 pages)
  • Just Before Dawn by Birgit Stabler--Through means of a strange magic, Egon and Peter are taken from our world, only to find themselves confronted with strange creatures that live only by night. Crossover with Gargoyles. (34 pages)
  • Proving Ground by Kim Hamilton--Winston’s police officer brother has never approved of or believed in his chosen line of work, until the station house he’s assigned to has a fleshly challenged visitor. (9 pages)
  • On Every Christmas Tree by Rae--The guys take a skiing vacation to Canada, but an avalanche creates horror and sorrow as one of the team is feared lost. (20 pages)
  • Folsom's Crossing by Sheila Paulson--Old loves are found and lost when the guys are called to an old mansion to help a lonely ghost find its final peace. (35 pages)


  1. from Sandy's Deviant Art page