The Editor's Choice Awards

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Name: The Editor's Choice Awards
Date(s): 1997
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Fandom: all
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The Editor's Choice Awards (sometimes refered to as "Fans' Choice Awards") was proposed in a number of zine publications in 1997 by Celestial Cat who explained that these awards would "be different. They are completely non-bipartisan." They were to be an award where zine editors and publishers nominated entries from their own zines and fans then voted. The award was sponsored by Vidcon.

Celestial Cat explained: "The people who read the zines... write LoCs to editors and publishers all the time telling them which stories and art they like best. The editors and publishers spend months putting a zine together, reading and re-reading stories, and approving art. With all this information, who would know better what stories and art are in their own zines. Make sense?"

Some fanzine editor's balked at having to choose among the many authors they published: "The ECA folks require that editors select the best story they've published (I'm sure you realize how unpolitic that would be) so we don't do them. We won two of them before I realized that the editors had to actually choose one story to put above another." ~ Randy Landers in Fanzines and The Internet, an alt.startrek.creative post dated Nov 8 1998.