Almost Anything Goes

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You may be looking for Anything Goes.

Title: Almost Anything Goes
Publisher: Anonymous Knoxville Associates a.k.a. The Firm
Editor(s): Donna Long
Date(s): 1985-1988
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multifandom, Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Almost Anything Goes is a gen multifandom anthology with an emphasis on Star Trek: TOS content. There are three issues.

It was published by "The Firm," ("Anonymous Knoxville Associates To Help Encourage Fictitious Invention of Reading Matter.")

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Almost Anything Goes 1 was published in June 1985 and contains at least 80 pages.

  • Spock's Legacy by Robin Walker (Star Trek: TOS) (4))
  • In Thine Image by Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (6)
  • Computer Adventurings by Barbara Benson (Dr. Who) (12)
  • Daughter of the Gift by Karen Hawkins (Star Trek: TOS) (16)
  • A Study in Guilt by Rebecca Smithey (Star Trek: TOS) (21)
  • The Day After by Robin Walker (Star Trek: TOS) (22)
  • Writing is Easy by Gene Fowler Poem (24)
  • Invasion of the Jelly Babies by Michael McKelvey (Dr. Who) (25)
  • 101 Things to Do with a Jelly Baby by Millie N. Hawke (Dr. Who) (26)
  • Doin' the Universe by Robin Walker & Jim Blair (Star Trek: TOS) (28)
  • The Morning of the Second Day by Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (30)
  • When Thinking of Star Trek by Robin Walker (Star Trek: TOS) (35)
  • Doin' It...on Board Ship by Robin Walker & Jim Blair (Star Trek: TOS) (36)
  • For the Record by Ron Lee (Star Trek: TOS) (39)
  • By Reason of Insanity by Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (40)
  • Doin' It...on the Enterprise by Robin Walker & Jim Blair (Star Trek: TOS) (75)
  • Khantemplation by Robin Walker (Star Trek: TOS) (77)
  • We Got Troubles by Rebecca Smithey (Star Trek: TOS) (79)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Orby Walker
first page of "Pathos"

Almost Anything Goes 2 aka Almost Anything Goes Around Twice. Its subtitle is, "Saluting Star Trek's Twentieth Anniversary. It was published July 1986 and contains 164 pages. The cover is by Orby Walker. Other art by Lee Falcon, Orby Walker, Leah Rosenthal, Jim Nicely, and Randy Booker.

  • The First Twenty Years: Reflections Of A First Generation Fan Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (4)
  • On a Desert Night by Robin Walker (Star Trek: TOS) (9)
  • Encounter on the Edge by Nora Wilson (Star Trek: TOS) (10)
  • Rebel Radio by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal (Blake's 7) (13) (reprinted in The Bizarro Zine #2)
  • Cross-Stitch Pattern by Nora Wilson (Star Trek: TOS) (44)
  • Restored by Rebecca Smithey (Star Trek: TOS) (46) (Tonia Barrows has been badly burned in an accident. As McCoy fights to save her life he realizes how much Tonia means to him.)
  • McCoy vs. Meers & Warbucks by Robin Walker (Star Trek: TOS) (50) ( Have you ever tried to clear up a credit problem in a department store? Follow McCoy as he tried to correct an error in his credit line.)
  • Word Search by Karen Hawkins (56)
  • One Heart, One Mind, One Soul by Rebecca Smithey (Star Trek: TOS)) (57)
  • Why I Write Fan Fiction by Robin Walker (58)
  • Wings of Fire by Debbie Painter (60)
  • Give Us This Day by Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (61)
  • Camelot by Robin Walker (King Arthur) (115)
  • Pathos by Robin Walker (The Equalizer) (116)
  • To Die is Not Allowed by L.M. Robertson (141)
  • answers to word search (143)
  • Realities by Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (144)
  • Requiem by Nora Wilson (Star Trek: TOS) (146-161)
  • Want Ads (161)
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because (164)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Almost Anything Goes 3 is subtitled, "In Triplicate." It was published in Fall 1988 and contains 254 pages. It is a multi-media zine with a Star Trek: TOS focus.

The art is by Debbie Painter, Computereyes, Sandy Weiso, and Robin Walker.

The "Board Members" listed: DeAlbrn J. Fasl-Dofk (Chairman of the Board), Nancy Adams (Geological Specialist), Barbara Benson (Managing Editor), Jim Blair (Executive in Charge of Entertainment, Court Jester, Chief Gopher, General Flunkie, etc., etc., etc.), Debra Booth (The Long, Lost Trekker), Harriet Cooper (Legal Counsel), Lee Falcon (Foreign Correspondent), Paula Foust (Xenolgical Expert, Specializing in a Tall, Blond, New York, Underground Feline), Karen Hawkins (Executive Secretary Donna Long, Finance and Correspondence), Nancy Mason (Medical Consultant), Debbie Painter (Bearman of the Board), Rebecca Smithey (The Silent Partner), Fred Testerman (Chief of Data Processing), Robin Walker (Artistic Director), Nora Wilson (Intergalactic Ecumenical Chaplain), Dad #1, Orby Walker (Artistic Consultant), Dad #2, Bud Hawkins (Chief Criminologist,. Owner of the Writer's Retreat).

The editorial mentions that this issue was out over a year past its planned publication date. Also:

Inside you will find what some might call a strange concoction of media; 'Star Trek," "Equalizer," T.J. Hooker," and introducing a "Next Generation" story. Well, the name is Almost Anything Goes. Our members have a wide range of interests, and we want that to show in our 'zine. We welcome material based on almost anything. (But, please, keep it clean--we run a PG-13 rated 'zine here) [Well, maybe R.--Ed.]

Volume I had mostly "Star Trek" content, and we have continued interest in "Trek." Printed here you will find "Phoenix Rising," part 2 in a series that began with Give Us This Day" in Almost Anything Goes Around Twice. That story began with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy trapped on Klingon-occupied Vulcan, and ended with a physically and mentally tortured Spock on the brink of insanity. Here the story continues, and what Spock endures here makes it hard to believe that he is really the author's favorite character.

Volume II also introduced "The Equalizer." Here are several "Equalizer" inspired stories. Any similarity of "Target" to episodes of that show that aired during the 1986-87 television season are completely coincidental. I pledge to you as a HooTavian and as , member of the nest of Fasl-Dofk, this story was written before those shows ran.

I think you will find this volume interesting and enjoyable. I would like to point out that introductions are included for a purpose—please read them. I would be most interested in knowing what you think about this effort of ours.
  • Board Members, List of Thank You's (3)
  • Editoral (4)
  • The Man HimElf by Rebecca Smithey The Equalizer (6)
  • Phoenix Rising by Debbie Painter (Star Trek: TOS) (14)
  • Faux Pas by Rebecca S. Smithey (Star Trek: TOS) (73)
  • Thanks a Lot, Bill by Harriet Cooper, a short essay that addresses the skit Get a Life! (Star Trek: TOS) (76)
  • For a Starman by Debbie Painter (Starman) (77)
  • Inside Job by Barbara Benson (The Equalizer) (78)
  • Bringing Him Home by Nora Wilson (Star Trek: TOS) (100)
  • Command Decisions by Jane Harell (Star Trek: TOS) (106)
  • Revenge by Karen Hawkins (T.J. Hooker) (140)
  • Closing Night by Nora Wilson (Phantom of the Opera) (163)
  • Target by Robin Walker & Nora Wilson (The Equalizer) (164)
  • The Data-Game by Karen Hawkins (Star Trek: TNG) (254)
  • Bulletin Board (255)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (256)