Here Come the Brides

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Name: Here Come the Brides
Abbreviation(s): HCTB
Creator: Screen Gems
Date(s): September 1968 – April 1970
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: USA
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Here Come the Brides is a Western television series that aired on ABC from 1968 to 1970.


Here Come the Brides is sometimes crossed-over with other television series of the era, for example Alias Smith and Jones[1] (which was also a Western on ABC), Starsky & Hutch,[2] and—most commonly—Star Trek.

Star Trek/HCTB fiction are usually same-actor crossovers: the HCTB character Aaron Stempel (also spelled Aaron Stemple) is played by Mark Lenard, who also portrayed Sarek in Star Trek: TOS and TNG. Several other actors also appear on both shows. Ishmael is a 1985 Star Trek pro book that is a crossover with HCTB (published without permission from the HCTB owners) and alludes to the Stemple-Sarek connection. An earlier example of a crossover featuring these characters is "Echoes Through Time" by Eileen Roy, published in Paladin #1 (1980).

Here Come the Brides was also commonly discussed in Star Trek-oriented fandom spaces. For example, HCTB content was featured in the Star Trek newsletter zine Despatch.


Front cover of the 2004 fanzine Dreams to Last the Years.

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  2. ^ For example, "Blood Brothers" by Mary Kleinsmith from Cold Pizza and Butterfly Bones, published in 1997.