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Name: Here Come The Brides Fan-Fiction Home Page
Date(s): 9/19/98 - ?
Type: Fanfic, Reference
Fandom: Here Come the Brides
URL: archived copy (Wayback Machine)
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What was life like in Seattle before the women came? What were the brides' lives like in New Bedford? We know a little bit about the characters' past from what is mentioned in various episodes. The following stories explore that past.


The following stories are set during the same time as the series. Some of these stories are short slice-of-life glimpses into a character's life, some are more involved, but all are characterized by telling a story about the characters as they were in the show. In these stories, a character may marry, move away, or do nearly anything, so long as when the story is over, things are back to normal for the following week's adventure.


"Here Come The Brides" may have ended after two short seasons, without there ever being a wedding between Candy and Jeremy and with many other unresolved questions, such as whether Barnabus returned for Biddie, Holly returned for Aaron, Jason or somebody else, etc. In the world of fanfiction, these questions can all be resolved in the stories based in the time after the series ends.


Webster defines humor to be "that quality which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous". Whether we redefine old jokes, such as "why the chicken crossed the road" ala HCTB or consider oddities such as why many of the characters apparently only had one change of clothing, there are many humorous ways of looking at our favorite show.


What happens when the characters from one show wander into another show? Almost anything that could happen in either series! The shows may have something in common, such as time ("Little House in Seattle"), an actor that appears in both ("Ishmael" which brings together Mark Lenard as Aaron and as Spock's ancestor in "Star Trek"), or be totally unrelated ("The Brady Bunch Goes To Seattle"). Some shows seem to be designed to be crossovers: "Time Tunnel", "Quantum Leap", "Sliders", etc"
At present, we have only one crossover, inspired by David Soul's appearance on both HCTB and "Starsky and Hutch".

Different Endings/Missing Scenes

Ever wonder what happened after an episode ended? Is there a part of a story that you wish an episode had included? This section contains stories that were written to satisfy these questions.

Fanzines & Novels

Maidens' Voyage - Read the stories of the "unnamed" brides as they decide to join the Bolt brothers on their journey aboard the Shamus O'Flynn from New Bedford, MA to Seattle. This book contains journals written as part of a collaborative, on-line recreated voyage based upon "Here Come the Brides" and "Mercer's Belles". To buy, contact LaDene
Beginnings - Who married who? How did it all turn out? Read a sample chapter of this exciting prequel to "Mountain of Dreams" and find out how to get your own copy. To buy, contact Pam.
Mountain Of Dreams - What is the next generation of Seattle residents like? What kind of children did the Bolt brothers have? Read a sample chapter of this exciting novel. To buy, contact Pam.

Beginnings - Sample Chapter (20091010).png Mountain Of Dreams - Sample Chapter (20091010).png

Biddie's Reference Library

What is Biddie doing on our reference page? She is the only bride that knows the Dewey Decimal system, and is thus the perfect hostess of the non-fiction part of the HCTB fan-fiction site. Use this section to research information on life during the 1800s.
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  • Literature and other reading material
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  • Transportation

Brides' Journal Project

"The Brides' Journal Project was a collective writing project by fans of the late 60's TV show, "Here Come The Brides". The series took its inspiration from actual historical events—Asa Mercer's quest to bring marriageable women from New York to Seattle in 1865. The writing project was inspired by that trip, as well as by events portrayed in the series. Through the creation of individual characters, each writer created the persona of one of the passengers on the journey aboard Clancey's ship, the Shamus O'Flynn, as it travelled from New Bedford, Massachusetts, to Seattle, Washington Territory. The interinary used as a guide for the writers generally follows Mercer's original route, and the duration of that trip, approximately five months, is the same time over which the project was completed."


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