Dreams to Last the Years

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Title: Dreams to Last the Years
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): January 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Here Come the Brides
Language: English
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Dreams to Last the Years is a 128-page het and gen Here Come the Brides 126-page anthology. It contains twelve stories.

Publisher's Summary

"This 130-page gen zine contains stories "full of hopes and full of fears; full of laughter, full of tears; full of dreams to last the years," as the theme song said, as well as poetry, a humor section, and a HCTB word search."


Summaries below are by Agent With Style.

  • Trials by Fire by Nancy M. -- In this poignant story, set during the early years on Bridal Veil Mountain, Lottie Hatfield reveals what brought her to Seattle, and what makes her stay.
  • A Different Horizon by Helene -- Now that Jeremy and Candy are married and the Bolt brothers' logging business is firmly established, Joshua makes a decision about his own future that affects not only him but everyone he loves.
  • Happy Birthday by Carol C. -- Jeremy is determined to come through with the perfect birthday gift for a special girl in his life, and once he makes up his mind, he won't take 'no' for an answer.
  • The Black Dress by Teresa S-J -- Joshua relates a story from Seattle's past that not only tells us more about some of the characters we know from the show, but also introduces us to some new ones.
  • Missing Moments -- Sometimes, those involved with producing a television series just don't know enough to show us everything we wanted to see. Helene and Nnancy M. take a stab at correcting that by presenting missing scenes from Candy and the Kid, Two Women, and A Crying Need.
  • What Might Have Been by Karen Q. and Helene -- Think back to when the loggers announced that they'd leave Seattle because they needed women. Now imagine that the Bolt brothers' parents are still alive at the time. Would the brides still have come? A 'what if' story featuring the characters you already know and love, but with a few twists.
  • Faith and Miracles by Heidi -- As Jason watches Jeremy's emotional turmoil during Merlin's visit in A Man and His Magic, he recalls past events that shaped the young man's life and his own.
  • Moonlight by Carol C. -- Candy reflects on some of the events that occurred while she and Jeremy took their first steps toward their new life together.
  • The Wanderer by Cynatnite -- Joshua befriends a drifter and finds himself torn between his loyalty to his new friend and his responsibilities to his brothers. An unexpected crisis forces both Joshua and Jason to make choices that affect not only their relationship but Joshua's future in Seattle.
  • The Secret of the Cave by Teresa S-J -- While on a camping trip with Christopher, Jeremy learns a few things about his young brother-in-law's future by looking at his own family's past.
  • Poetry -- Poems by Madelyn, some written while HCTB was still on the air and others written more recently.