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Name: The Wirerims, The Wire-rims
Date(s): 2000, 2001 - 2007 served as archive
Frequency: once
Associated Community: Skinnerotica, The Walter Skinner Fanfic Archive, Waltertorture
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Archived version via Wayback

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The Wirerims - Awards for excellence in Walter Skinner Fan Fiction were an online fan fiction award given to X-Files writers from 1997 - 1999 by the "Wirerims Committee" for Skinnercentric stories. The awards aim was "to promote Skinnerfiction in all its guises".

The name alludes to Skinner's glasses.

The awarded were organized by three main Skinner oriented sites:


    • Outstanding Short Story (Under 500 words)
    • Outstanding Series (Works in progress permitted)
    • Outstanding Novel-length fiction (must be 200K or over)
    • Outstanding Post-episode Skinner Story
    • Outstanding Skinner Characterization
    • Outstanding Skinner/Mulder Story/series
    • Outstanding Skinner/Scully Story/series
    • Outstanding Skinner/Krycek Story/series
    • Outstanding Skinner/Other (an X-Files character, other than Mulder, Scully or Krycek) Story/series
    • Outstanding Skinner/Original Character (this is a character invented by the author) Story/series
    • Outstanding Skinner/Crossover Character (this is a character from another TV show. IE Skinner with Seven of 9) Story/series
    • Outstanding Threesome (doesn't matter who the other two are so long as there's a nice Walter sandwich!) Story/series
    • Outstanding Action/adventure
    • Outstanding X-File
    • Best AU featuring Skinner. (An AU is an Alternative Universe. This means that the story takes place outside the recognizable timeframe/universe of the X Files. IE: Medieval!Walter, Jedi!Walter, Sheikh!Walter etc.)
    • Outstanding Schmoop Story (schmoop is romantic fic. Not necessarily any sex.)
    • Outstanding General Story (no sex or relationship)
    • Outstanding Physical Torture
    • Outstanding Skinner Angst
    • Outstanding Humor
    • Outstanding Post-Colonization Skinner
    • Outstanding BDSM story/series. He can be top or bottom! (BDSM is a sexual relationship involving elements of Bondage, Domination, Spanking/Sadism and Masochism.)
    • Outstanding Discipline story/series featuring Skinner. He can be spanking or being spanked! (Discipline is defined as stories containing spanking that is not part of a sex act - the two participants can be a sexual relationship but not necessarily.)
    • The Skinnerotica Award for the hottest heterosexual sex scene featuring Skinner.
    • The WalterTorture Award for the saddest Skinner story (we're talking about you weeping real tears when you read this one!)
    • The Walter Skinner Fanfic Archive Award for the most realistic Skinner characterization (IE closest to the show)
    • The Smiling Pectoral God Archive Award for the best angst-free, Happy!Skinner story
    • The Down in the Basement Award for best sex scene in a slash story
    • Best Use of Location
    • Best Use of Props
    • Best Physical Description of Skinner (it can be a line or a paragraph but we're going to make you work for this one by asking you to cut and paste it, and send it to us)
    • Best Meal in a Story (Skinner can be cooking it, eating it, or licking it off someone!)
    • Best First Time Sex Scene (doesn't matter who it's with!)
    • Best Kiss
    • Best Rescue (he's a wonderful rescuer, but he can be being rescued too!)
    • Best Skinner Author. You have to work harder for this one by writing a short explanation (no more than 100 words) explaining why your author of choice is the best one for the award! Please base your choice on their whole body of work and output.
    • Best Skinner Story ever
  • MANIPULATED PICTURE CATEGORIES (He can be on his own or with his partner/s of choice in these pics)
    • Best Humorous/Lighthearted Skinner pic
    • Best Sexy Skinner pic
    • Best Romantic Skinner pic
    • Best Angsty Skinner pic
    • Best Character Sketch (for those nifty collages of several Skinner-moments)
    • Best Fantasy Picture (Skinner dressed as a sheikh, or a fireman, or in leather, or in a kilt or... well, you get the picture ;-))
    • Best Story Specific Picture (this is for title pics and book-covers and should be judged both on whether they are good pics and how well they fit the story)
    • Best BDSM Skinner pic
    • Most Imaginative Skinner pic/collage

notable Winners and nominations


The nomination period ran from August 13th - September 17th. The voting period ran from September 24th - October 15th. [Tiebreak voting if necessary from October 20th - 29th] The winners were announced on November 5th.

  • any Skinnecentric available online on a website at the end of the nomination period was eligible for voting
  • only nominated stories will go through to the final voting
  • as many stories as once liked could be nominated, but when the voting starts one was only be able to vote once
  • Wirerims Committee reserved the right to refuse nominations for fic that it does not deem to be Skinnercentric


  • Nominations could be send via e-mail by supplying the title of the story, the author's name, and URL and category or by filling out the from boxed on the awards categories page.

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