Life from the Ashes

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Title: Life from the Ashes
Author(s): Jo B
Date(s): 1998-2003
Length: very long
Genre: slash mpreg kidfic apocafic, post-col
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: WayBack Link to author's website with completed series; An active but incomplete archive; some of the author's other work can be found here

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Life from the Ashes is a multi-part slash post-apocalyptic AU Mpreg novel written by Jo B. The author's story summary is somewhat sparse in details: "This is an Alternative Universe scifi-fantasy story. The consortium has been exposed and shortly after the aliens unleash a lethal virus on the earth that has devastating effects."

The longer version: An alien virus kills off 2/3 of the women (Scully survives). The virus mutates and turns almost half the male population into breeding partners. The mutation also smooths male features (making the men more 'beautiful'), grants them immortality and fuller hair. It also causes them to put out tons of sexual pheromones making them irresistible to the remaining men. Sex takes place through the male's belly-button, which often results in multiple male pregnancies. The main focus is on the Mulder character, who is involved in a three-way sexual tug of war between Walter Skinner, the FBI director, Kryceck, Mulder's former nemesis, and a Russian psychic who astrally rapes Mulder.

While the story has received several recommendations[1][2] and positive feedback[3] it has also been described as the The Eye of Argon of X-Files fandom [4]. It was nominated for a Wirerims Award for Best Walter Skinner AU.[5]

The story consists of over 7MB of text and often takes weeks to read.

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Recs and Reviews

"It contains a number of things I normally avoid like the plague such as male pregnancy and M/K/Sk, and really should have been finished some time back, but despite its many flaws and OTT purple prose I'm fascinated by it! Shakes head in despair at herself!"[1]
"This series of stories has to qualify as one of the most bizarre in X-Files fandom, and given the unusual events that qualify as canon in the TV series, that’s saying a lot! [...] The series could be subtitled “Everyone wants Mulder”. For those who enjoy Mulder in various degrees of jeopardy, being rescued over and over again, this is the series for you. But as outlandish as the premise and description may sound, the story is solid – well-written and entertaining, with lots of hot sex, great original characters and locations. It’s just a very fun, enjoyable read. Just suspend your disbelief, and look forward to the end of the series where Mulder, Skinner, and Krycek are living a very comfortable existence together with more children than you’d want to imagine." [2]
I believe the worst mpreg fic ever came out of this fandom? What was it called, "Life From the Ashes"? I never read as far as to get to the mpreg, but it was still bad enough to put every other badfic in every other fandom into perspective. [6]
That's not the one where Krycek cleans the baby with his tongue, is it? *shudder!* [7]
I will be amazed at that fic forever. I don’t know if it’s on par with QAF U.S. fans literally sacrificing an actual chicken for their pairing but. It’s maybe a similar order of magnitude, but instead a parallel line of ‘omg whattttt’? [9]
"Excellent craftsmanship. The plot is tightly woven and captivating. It has a very strong fantasy element to it, if you enjoy sorcery."[10]


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