Due South Romance Association

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Name: Due South Romance Association
Dates: last update December 5, 1997
Fandom: Due South
URL: http://slash.simplenet.com/dsra/ (Wayback)
Due South Romance Association.png
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The Due South Romance Association is a website "dedicated to the love between Fraser and Ray, the most romantic couple in North America."

The page featured pairing information, links, photo galleries, a message board, a few essays, Due Slashisms, Romantic Moments, a Slash Zine Exchange, and a caption contest. Accessing the site via Wayback, visitors are still greeted with the Due South theme music.

The DSRA was a wholly owned subsidiary of Girls Who Like Boys Who Do Boys Club, Inc., which also owned the Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association, the Mulder/Skinner Slash Society, and The X-Files Fanfic Hall of Shame.