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Name: coffeeslash
Type: slash
Fandom: due South, Highlander, Sentinel, Sports Night, Stargate Atlantis, CSI Miami, Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate SG-1, X-Files, Harry Potter, Quantum Leap, ER
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coffeeslash was a slash fanfiction site. It hosted several author pages. Hosted authors included:

Bone :: due South, Highlander, Sentinel, Sports Night, Stargate Atlantis

Cinmbria :: CSI Miami, Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis

TheGrrrl :: Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis

JiM :: Highlander, X-Files, Harry Potter

Leah :: Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis

MJ :: Star Trek Enterprise, Quantum Leap, X-Files

Shi Shi :: Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis

Squeaky :: Star Trek Enterprise

WPAdmirer :: ER/X-Files crossover


Series and cycles

Mexico (with JiM) The "Cornerstone" Cycle (with Merri-Todd Webster) :: 162 kb :: R :: Well-Manicured Man/Krycek, Mulder/Krycek (implied) :: Based on our vision of the X-Files movie (and related episodes), with the knowledge that Well-Manicured Man (WMM) is not dead since we never saw the body. POVs of Krycek and WMM, WMM's wife (original), WMM's valet (original), Cigarette-Smoking Man, and

Alex's mother (original), in individual pieces. Slightly revised from the "authorized version" at Down in the Basement. The "Pencils" Cycle :: 267 kb :: R :: Mulder/Skinner, Mulder/Krycek fantasy/speculation :: A take on the development of the M/Sk relationship, from Skinner's (and Scully's, and even Mulder's) point of view.

The "Queen Jane" Cycle :: 28 kb :: R/NC-17 :: Mulder/Krycek :: Vignette series.

Stand-alone fic

The Actual Script for "Rain King" :: 12 kb :: R :: Mulder/Skinner, other :: Would a straight guy be upset about being pegged as Dana Scully's boyfriend? Would he tell the weatherman "we're not talking about me" when providing romantic advice? Would he turn down tonsil hockey with a tarted-up blond bimbo? The conclusion is obvious.

Alex Krycek (filk) :: 3 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Krycek :: Filk. Sing it loud. Is there anyone who isn't looking for Alex Krycek?

All Saints' Day :: 6 kb :: G :: Mulder/Skinner :: Scully's thoughts, October 31.

And I Thought of the Albatross :: 9 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Krycek :: No, it's not "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"…

COSMOPOLITAN Life :: 14 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Krycek :: Letter to COSMO magazine. No apologies to Helen Gurley Brown.

Get Me to the Church on Time :: 6 kb :: G :: A series of conversation fragments all overheard one fine Saturday in an AU far, far away, involving Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner, Dana and Maggie Scully, a reformed—or at least washed and pressed—Alex Krycek, and a woman named Cheryl. Weddings are such a bitch when it's getting down to the wire.

Missing Scene From "Dreamland," or, "If It Weren't for Bad Luck…" :: 15 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Skinner (sort of) :: From the "Missing Scenes of 'The X-Files' Archive" in Chris Carter's basement, comes that scene you knew some fool edited out of that episode accidentally.

Mulder Happened to Rosemary's Baby :: 18 kb :: R :: Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Skinner, Scully/Krycek (?) :: Fox Mulder meets Rosemary's Baby.

Nuktos 'Agalma :: 35 kb :: R :: Mulder/Skinner :: Not an SM fic. It's about an SM killer, but it's not an SM fic. Prompted by an XF slash list debate about Mulder as bottom.

One of Sprites and Goblins :: 21 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Skinner preslash :: Where's Mulder?

Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste :: 15 kb :: R :: Mulder/Krycek :: Krycek's POV about his relationship with Mulder.

Sangreal (implied character death) :: 23 kb :: R :: Mulder/Skinner :: Nanocytes are not the only virus. Based on the episode "S.R. 819."

Shrouds by Two and Three :: 7 kb :: PG-13 :: The episode "Jump the Shark" did not happen. If it did happen, it didn't happen the way it looked like it happened. As Frohike explains. Remember the rule: If Chris Carter doesn't show you the body, he's not dead…

Smoke Rings :: 10 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Skinner, Mulder/Krycek :: CSM reviews his own files and finds some photographs in them.

The Stars in Their Courses :: 33 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Skinner :: Sharon Skinner, postdivorce, finds out about Walter's current romantic interest.

Suffer the Children :: 30 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Skinner :: Mulder's in danger; Skinner's worried.

Troubled The Land :: 13 kb :: PG-13 :: Krycek/Spender :: Inspired by the episode "Two Fathers."

Two Minutes Cut From "S.R. 819" :: 8 kb :: PG-13 :: Mulder/Skinner, Mulder/other, Skinner/Krycek (implied) :: Two minutes of footage cut from "S.R. 819."

The View From Bellville Flats :: 104 kb :: R :: Mulder/Skinner :: AU Western.

A Voice Is Heard In Ramah :: :: 45 kb :: NC-17 :: Crossover with "The Professionals" Bodie/Mulder, Bodie/Doyle :: Fox Mulder, a psychology student at Oxford University, is called in by CI5 to help solve a case. There's more to figure out than a crime.

Wandering Arameans :: 77 kb :: R :: Mulder/Krycek :: AU territory here. Our favorite one-armed man's now tied in with the Russian Mafia in New York and is grudgingly assisting the Federal Prosecutor's racketeering investigation by helping set up sting operations against some of the competing gangs in exchange for protection against some of his former buddies in the Consortium. You'd never imagine who his business partners are… and he and Mulder have been lovers for well over a year.

From Water Into Fire :: 35 kb :: R :: Mulder/Skinner :: A seasonal tale that isn't another Christmas story.