Pure Magnetism's Harry Potter Slash Awards

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Name: Harry Potter Slash Awards
Date(s): April - November 2003
Frequency: once
Format: vote
Type: slash fanfiction
Associated Community: Pure Magnetism
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Harry Potter Slash Awards (archived link)
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Pure Magnetism's Harry Potter Slash Awards were fanfiction awards for slash stories in various categories. It also awarded one "Best slash author" award.



A complete list of nominees can be found here.

Finalists & Winners

The finalists in each category are listed below; the winner of the category appears in bold.

Best general fic

Best horror/darkfic/deathfic

Best humour/parody

Best poetry

Best romance fic

Best angst fic

Best drama fic

Best PWP fic

Best AU fic

Best slash author