Midnight Blue (fan)

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Name: Midnight Blue
Alias(es): midnightblue_aus
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Angel/Buffy
URL: Grey/Blue (author page, defunct)
Midnight Blue at FictionAlley
Midnight Blue4 at FanFiction.Net (stories deleted)
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Midnight Blue is an Australian fanfiction author best known for The Mirror of Maybe, an early and influential Harry/Snape story. She also wrote Childe of the Blood, a Buffyverse Angel/Spike AU.

Both stories were started around 2002 and remain abandoned WIPs. Midnight Blue stated in November 2008 that she still intended to finish Mirror of Maybe,[1] but she has since left HP fandom.[2]


  • The Mirror of MaybeHarry Potter, Harry/Snape. "28-year old War Mage Harry Potter is returned to his 16-year old body as a student at Hogwarts." (March 2002 – last updated December 2006) - A famously infuriating WIP that was never finished after a fabulous setup.
  • Childe of the BloodAngel/Buffy, Angel/Spike AU. "Centuries ago, there was a war between the humans and the world of the supernatural. Humanity did some really stupid things and as a consequence, lost. Vampire Law now rules the Earth, but it is a surprisingly beneficial rule, since the Prince of Darkness has a human soul."[3] (March 2002? – incomplete)
  • LemonadeHarry Potter, pre-Hogwarts gen one-shot. "In Malfoy Manor, Pansy decides she wants lemonade, and a Slytherin ALWAYS gets what they want. So Draco, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy make lemonade... but it's a bigger problem than they thought. Resulting in humour, but ending with some serious thought of the future, and what it entails for these friends." (August 2005)


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