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Name: waxjism
Alias(es): Wax, Wax Jism
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: popslash, BtVS, MCR, Hockey RPF, SGA, Harry Potter, etc.
Other: http://www.waxjism.org/ (domain)
URL: fanfiction by waxjism (website)
wax_jism (Livejournal)
ao3 account
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waxjism is a multifandom fan writer.

Her fanfiction is archived on her website. It holds the fiction for all of her fandoms and is titled "fanfiction by waxjism"; in the early days of popslash, her popslash fiction was archived on its own page, Shame Is Good For You. She also maintains a domain where other writers' sites are hosted.

Notable Fics

Amongst others: