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Title: Nightswimming
Author(s): Wax Jism
Date(s): 2007-07-17 (Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime)
2008-02-12 (Nightswimming)
Length: 22834 words (Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime)
140615 words (Nightswimming)
Genre: AU, slash
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
External Links: nightswimming at (archived); series on AO3

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Nightswimming is a popular Bandom High School AU series written by Wax Jism. It consists of two stories: a Pete/Mikey novella called Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime and a novel-length Frank/Gerard sequel set during the same time period. "Nightswimming" is probably a reference to the song by REM, but also refers to a romantic scene when Frank and Gerard go swimming at night.

In "Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime" Mikey and Gerard work at the gas station their mother owns, while Pete Wentz attends the summer session at a nearby private school. The author's summary is Summertime and the livin' is easy...

The sequel is written from Frank's point of view. While Mikey's relationship with Pete continues in the background, Frank, also in summer school, sneaks over every night to hang out with Gerard. They fall in love. Gerard is 20, has dropped out of art school, and lives in the basement with untreated depression and incipient alcoholism. Frank is avoiding his soon-to-be stepfather. The ending is hopeful, but Mikey and Pete break up. Author's summary: My Teenage Romance

Nightswimming was originally posted on Wax's website, fanfiction by waxjism, and later uploaded to AO3.

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