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Pairing: Mikey Way/Pete Wentz
Alternative name(s): Petekey, Pikey, Sweet Little Dudes
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Bandom
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: moderately popular
Other: Pairing tag @AO3
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Pete/Mikey, sometimes known as Pikey or Petekey[1], is the Bandom slash pairing of bass players Mikey Way (of My Chemical Romance) and Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy).

As of Feb 9, 2017, the pairing appeared in 1358 works on AO3, making it the 5th most popular pairing in the Bandom tag (fourth if you discount Twenty One Pilots).

The pairing is at the center of many stories, and is also often found as a side or background pairing in Frank/Gerard stories.

Ship History

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Pete and Mikey are easy to ship due to their propensity for praising each other('s bands) in interviews, wearing each other's merch, hanging out when on the same tours, sharing clothes and exes and being in not only one, but two gangs together: the "Sweet Little Dudes" and the "Fraternal Order of the Handsome Boy," along with a so-called band that has made no music, "Fruit Brute".[citation needed]

The infamous Summer of Like aka Warped Tour 2005 may be the origin of the pairing and certainly gave it a boost in popularity. On LiveJournal, the first community dedicated to the pairing was probably _sweetlildudes, created on August 7, 2005. However, that comm had only 8 entries; petexmikey, created on September 2, gained more traction.

They still tweet at each other a few times a year, referencing their SLD "gang".[2][3][4]

Some fans believe that Pete and Mikey may have had a real-life romantic relationship during the summer of 2005, and even skeptical shippers frequently adopt the rumors about this time as fanon. For example, some point to writings allegedly deleted from Pete's LiveJournal in 2005 and reposted on various other websites.[citation needed] There are also rumors that Pete and Mikey did not want to be seen together, which would explain why there is only a handful of pictures of them together from 2004 and 2005, the time they were on Warped Tour together.[citation needed]

The Fall Out Boy songs "Bang the Doldrums" (2007) and "Fourth of July" (2015) are rumored to have been written by Pete about Mikey. Fans also speculate about other songs that may have been inspired by the relationship.

Common Aspects of Fanworks

Pete/Mikey fic commonly features angsty themes related to drugs, mental health, and questioning one's sexuality, due to Pete's repeated quotes about making out with men but only being "gay above the waist."[5]

Storylines sometimes make MCR members protective of Mikey and suspicious of Pete's motives/mental stability. Gerard and Mikey's strong sibling relationship features frequently, as well as Pete and Patrick Stump's friendship.

A number of fanworks refer to or feature Alicia, Mikey's ex-wife who also toured with and dated Pete, sometimes in a threesome setup or a poly relationship.

Example Fanworks

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