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RPF Fandom
Name(s): twenty one pilots, twenty øne piløts, tøp, 21p
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Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 by lead vocalist Tyler Joseph along with two other members both of whom left in 2011. The line-up now consists of Joseph and drummer Josh Dun.


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Tyler and Josh have given their fans the fandom nickname of "The Skeleton Clique" also known colloquially as "The Clique" or "Clikies". Twenty One Pilots fanworks often focus on themes of depression and mental illness, like the music.

The Clique is a large, creative, and passionate group of fans. This fandom is associated with Bandom. This may be due to being signed to record label Fueled by Ramen with Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco and touring with these bands during FOB's Save Rock and Roll Tour.

  • Joshler - the pairing of the two band members, or a portmanteau used to refer to the two of them.

The fandom has something of a reputation for overanalyzing the music or Tyler and Josh.[1]

Associated People


  • Josh Dun (2011-Present) is the drummer and occasional trumpet player.
  • Tyler Joseph (2009-Present) is the lead vocalist, pianist, bassist and lyricist.


  • Jenna Joseph (formerly Jenna Black) is Tyler's wife. She is generally loved by the Clique and known for her social media content.
  • Debby Ryan is Josh's fiance and an actress with her own fandom. She has been controversial in the Clique, but has many who love her.


Much of Twenty One Pilots fics are focused on Joshler or Tyler Joseph/Josh Dun, the by far most popular ship in Twenty One Pilots fandom due to their music partnership and personal relationship. The duo are known by fans for their humor and shared devotion to music. The two met while Josh was playing with the band House of Heroes and Tyler was playing with previous band members and shared an instant connection. The two were friends for a while before playing music together. As told by Tyler, Josh quit his job so he could play a single show in Twenty One Pilots before he was even part of the band.

Other Ships:

  • Jyler or Tyler Joseph/Jenna Joseph - The ship of Jenna and her husband. Tyler in posts, interviews, and songs has used complex metaphors to describe the love he has for Jenna.

In fics, is often a secondary ship to Joshler, or if both at the same time the ship is Jenshler.

  • Jebby or Josh Dun/Debby Ryan - The ship of Debby and her fiance.
  • Jenshler or Jenna Joseph/Tyler Joseph/Josh Dun - The most popular OT3 or polyamorous ship of the fandom.
  • Jenby or Jenna Joseph/Debby Ryan - This is kind of a rare pair, but has devoted fans. Is often a secondary ship to Joshler.

Example Fanworks

Communities and Archives

There are 9,167 works and counting tagged “twenty one pilots” on the fanfiction site Archive of Our Own, over 24,000 entries on Wattpad and numerous on tumblr and other platforms.



  1. Imagine if fob fans were as fake deep as 21p fans like “I think Patrick always wearing a hat symbolizes the safety blankets we carry with us into adulthood” “Pete subconsciously grabbing his crotch on stage symbolizes that life fucks us all” – bedussey, 2015-07-20