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Name: Tritorella/HoniSoit
Alias(es): HoniSoit, Honi Soit, EvilSmurf [1], Melissa Drac, many others
Fandoms: due South, The Sentinel, Yami no Matsuei, Saiyuki, Weiss Kreuz, Highlander, Stargate: Atlantis, Angel the Series, others
Communities: HoniSoit's Due South Fan Fiction
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Tritorella (HoniSoit) is a fan with a complicated, combative, and controversial history.

HoniSoit's intro at FictionPress: "Joined Jan 8, 2001, id: 34766. I write Due South Fan fiction exclusively and now only Fraser/Kowalski slash. I do have some gen stories on my home site. Other fandoms I read in, but don't write are Sentinel, Stargate and Angel." [2]

A List of Pseuds and IP Addresses


Over the years, Tritorella has used some well-documented pseuds, and some pseuds that are less documented. [3] Many fans believe that some of the pseuds were used as sock puppets for trolling purposes.[citation needed] Tritorella also claimed sock puppets were trolling her, and some fans believed these were Tritorella's own puppets. [4]

According to at least one fan, Tritorella outed her to her employer, citing her activities in slash fandom and posting the fan's pseud and real name on Tritorella 's website [5] [6]

Other fans claim that she has stalked, harassed, and bullied other fans. [7]


Some Sample Fanworks

  • The Cabin by HoniSoit (due South) -- a fan wrote: "What I love about this story is the very matter-of-fact treatment of rape recovery and it's exploration of the bleak concept that sometimes severe trauma leaves such terrible scars that even love cannot completely heal the damage. You would think that this would be a terribly bleak and melancholy story but somehow I merely found it refreshingly realistic. The bravery of people who manage to keep going each day depite the terrible things life can throw at them is highlighted - and I prefer that any day to the artificial "Romeo and Juliet" hystrionics of some stories." [10]
  • Glass Bells by Tritorella (Highlander) -- a fan recced it "mostly because it was so unexpectedly affecting, given that I usually can't take mpreg seriously." [11]
  • Comes a Scotsman, written by Diana Williams, Little Alex, Em, Layna, Tritorella and esjay with suggestions from Citosa. -- a fan recced it and said: "... Methos talks Duncan to orgasm! In a bar! With Joe watching! Best of all? Trying to decide just how much of Methos's story is true and how much is an utter load of crap. Most of it, probably, but at least it's smoking hot crap and I absolutely defy you not to get hot and bothered while reading this story. Funny, smutty, and just plain fun. Enjoy!" [12]

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Tritorella's Views on RPF/RPS

[2002]: [ RPS is] such unmitigated bullshit that I only want it tatooed sans anaesthetic on the foreheads of all the apologists for RPS who infest various fandoms! <g>

Seriously, MacGeorge, you have encapsulated perfectly my feelings and objections to this pseudoliterature. For one thing, this garbage is going to do for fanfiction one of these days - some actor will sue for defamation and whether they succeed or not, the whole activity will be brought into the daylight and there will be no way TPTB will be able to turn a blind eye to it anymore. Slash will be the first victim. And then these selfish, stupid people will have ruined it for everyone, forever. But hey, their principal defence is that it (a) doens't hurt anyone and (b) no one tells them what to do, so I guess it's okay. Right?

And my other objection is - PW is a lovely guy. A nice, uncomplicated, family man with the same dreams and ambitions as every other person. I don't *want* him in a story with Methos! It screws with the fun of playing with the old guy's complicated psyche, his fuckedupedness, his baggage, his bad nasty past and its effect on him and those around him. If I have to keep switching out of that mindset and think, well actually, he's probably not that bad since such a nice bloke plays him, I can't get any handle of Methos himself.

However - there is *one* piece of RP fic (not slash) that is just a glory - was it by Merry Lynne? Where the characters went on strike over Archangel and the actors had to get on with it. I'm at Uni (about to be examined) so I'll hunt it up - I'm sure a lot of you know the piece I mean. *That* sort of humourous story causes no offence to any one. [13]

Highlander Writers' Workshop

In August 2002, Tritorella proposed a writers' workshop:
At the beginning of September, I am proposing to start a Highlander

writers' workshop list. There will be a set agenda of topics, advised in advance, and the list will run for a time-limited period (at this stage, initially, six months). If there is a demand for it after that time, it may continue under a different steward.

The list will have the aim of increasing the quality and amount of Highlander fiction and will be open to *active writers only*. No lurkers, no spectators, no betas (unless they are also writers or, exceptionally, very active betas). New or wannabe writers may join subject to approval, and to accepting the terms of the list discussion rules. Please do not apply to join this list unless you are prepared to be active.

If you are interested in joining (or even running) this group, please email me off list either giving the url for your website, a link to an archived story, or a snippet of a work in progress. The list itself will be open on 1 September. Suggestions for topics, format and list rules are welcome.

Membership will be limited in numbers and subject to approval. A moderator or moderators to work along or instead of me is actively solicited.

Please feel free to forward this message to interested lists.

Thanks. Tritorella [14]

Some Fan Comments

  • [around 2002, Tritorella own description]: "Tritorella is a loud-mouthed cow with strong opinions. She reads fanfiction and tells people what she thinks." [15]
  • [2008]: "Over time I have got to know tritorella better. She is without a shadow of a doubt, an acquired taste. She's opinionated, she's blunt and sometimes she is rude. I have on occasion disagreed vehemently with things she has said on lists. This does not however stop me regarding her as an excellent writer, a great contributor to fandom and someone I have the utmost respect, admiration and friendship for. Of late she has kindly volunteered to host my Kink!Fic Challenge on her webpage and also to update it for me, even though she now has left the Highlander fandom." [16]
  • [2015]: "I had a ringside seat and very minor involvement in the tritorella/honisoit/EvilSmurf/logophilos/Ann Somerville fan wank. That was, to put it mildly, some very fucked up shit and the skill with which this sociopath managed to manipulate events to put herself in a good light is terrifying even today." [17]

Some Further Reading/Meta


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