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Name: Kellie Matthews, formerly Kellie Matthews-Simmons
Alias(es): kelliem
Fandoms: Due South, Smallville, Highlander: The Series, Prey, Profiler, Space: Above & Beyond, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
URL: (last updated 2006)
kelliem at LiveJournal
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Kellie Matthews, also known as Kellie Matthews-Simmons, is a fanfic writer and was a member and co-founder of several estrogen brigades.

Her fiction is in print zines and at Kellie Matthews' Site.

From Her Website

Why do I write erotica? Because I think the loving expression of human sexuality is beautiful and natural. I write both "Het" (heteroerotic) and "Slash" (homoerotic) erotic fiction. Please note that though I write erotic fan-fic, this does not mean that I am a crazed fangirl out to attack any of my objet d'squidge. I have enough sense to know the difference between fantasy and reality, and I am certainly aware of the difference between actor and character.... I've been writing fan-fiction for years, and have quite a collection. For those of you not familiar with the concept (is there anyone who isn't, these days?) loosely defined, fan-fiction is unauthorized fiction which uses characters originally created in another medium, such as film or television.) I have written both erotic* and non-erotic fanfiction in several "universes," among them Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files, Highlander: The Series, Profiler, Prey, Space: Above and Beyond, Due South, Smallville, and Man from UNCLE. This is an occupation which gives me a great deal of emotional, if not monetary, satisfaction. Do I 'need a life?' No, I have one, it takes up most of every weekday. Writing fan-fic is what I do for fun. Believe it or not I'm a reasonably well-adjusted person. (Those of you who know me can stop laughing now!) :-) [1]

Fan Comments on Her due South Fiction

Kellie is one of those few extraordinary writers whose stories are all well worth reading. She once said she regretted writing slash in this fandom before RayK showed up in Season 3, so you might want to skip her earliest works, but apart from that, you can't go wrong in choosing her fanfic. Add to that the fact that what she considers a "short story" regularly exceeds 200 KB, and her due South fan fiction is something to really sink one's teeth into. She also writes very hot sex scenes, has a deft hand at developing AUs, and always keeps RayK and Fraser in character. Furthermore, she appears to like - and empathize with - them both equally much, which is reflected in her stories. [2]
That these stories, written between 1999-2003, still get heavily recced is testament to Kellie's talent. She writes fantastic romance and angst (and not without humor), as well as screen-melting hot porn. But ultimately what I love about Fraser/Kowalski in these stories is the joy they find in each other, whether it's a first-time or established relationship piece. And she truly gets Fraser, through his POV and glimpses into his past: who he is behind the barriers he's put up around himself, and what it takes for him to lower those barriers.[3]

An Open Letter


Some Fic


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