Safe Harbor (Man from UNCLE story)

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Title: Safe Harbor
Author(s): Kellie Matthews
Date(s): 2004
Genre: slash
Fandom: Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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Safe Harbor is a Man from U.N.C.L.E. story by Kellie Matthews.

Reactions and Reviews

Kellie posted this story so recently that it feels a little awkward to be reccing it already. And then there's the fact that I was lucky enough to be one of the betas. But you know what? It's a damn good story and *I'm driving the van* this month (for a few more minutes, anyway). *G*

I've admired Kellie's writing since way back in the olden days when she was writing (and I was reading) X-Files. Het X-Files. So I'm definitely a fan. However, I think this is one of her best stories in any fandom. Ever. It's certainly among a handful of my favorites. Here's why:

  • The characterization and general adherence to canon is wonderful. I recognized these guys from the TV show, which is always reassuring. Like you, I love those guys I see on the screen. I want to see more of them. And here they are!
  • The sensuality - There's some fresh stuff here, too, that you haven't seen anywhere else. And oh my God, you won't believe how hot. (Yes, that's all I have to say about that.)
  • The situation felt fresh and different to me, and it's a long, satisfying read. You won't find much case stuff here, but you will find plenty to keep you occupied if you prefer your stories plotty. (And also if you don't.)
  • As usual with Kellie, there's lots of carefully researched period detail.
  • I really love slash stories where the conflict involves a real, legitimate issue for the partners to resolve in their relationship (rather than just a small misunderstanding) and that is the case here.
  • Finally, the language. Kellie sets a high standard for herself as a writer and, as a reader, I am grateful. The dialogue is spot on and the internal monologues *sound* right. I would quote some, but I couldn't pick just one piece.
Highly recommended. I know I haven't done this story justice, so I'll let the commenters have a say. Enjoy! [1]
All right... what did you do to me? I don't, have never, hadn't even considered, Man From UNCLE stories. Ever.

Why did I read this and fall in love with these guys?

Damn. Starsky and Hutch aren't gonna be happy!

Great rec, by the way. Hooked me like a fish.[2]
Excellent rec! In addition to your glowing review, all of which I agree with, I'll add that Kellie allows Napoleon and Illya to express themselves emotionally, yet she maintains their individual masculine qualities throughout. It's wonderful to read. Safe Harbor might be a recent story, but I think it's my single most-reread piece of fanfiction ever. It's at the top of my recs list.[3]
I printed this one out in hard copy and have read it twice. It's hard to know what to say, except if I hadn't alredy been sucked into the MfU fandom, this one would have done it for me.[4]
I know exactly what you mean. It's a happy thing to be in fandoms where there are some really good writers. :)[5]
This is a story that will last and last. :) [6]
In this story, Kellie proves that she's an incredible writer beyond due South as well and brings new wind into a more and more cliché-laden fandom. A refreshingly new plot, good characterizations, her usual meticulous style and insight into her protagonists' motivations make "Safe Harbor" a joy to read. Add to that a vulnerable Solo who does a lot of soul-searching, a legitimate issue that keeps the partners apart and a similarly believable resolution to their problem, throw in some hot sex in which for a change Napoleon is the novice and the more passive participant, and you won't able to stop reading until the very end. Unequaled.[7]


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