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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Turning
Author(s): Kellie Matthews
Date(s): 2001
Length: 110,000 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here

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Turning is a Fraser/Kowalski story by Kellie Matthews.


"Fraser starts having issues about the death of his mother while he and Ray are on their adventure. He gets some help in the form of Eric, therapist and shaman."

Reactions and Reviews

Kellie's longest story and one of her best. Near the end of the series a (just before Ray Vecchio comes back), Fraser starts having recurring nightmares about his mother's death. At the same time, Ray Kowalski starts acting a little more distant. And then, on top of all of that, the whole Muldoon fiasco hits, Ray Vecchio is shot, and Ray Kowalski nearly freezes to death on the side of a mountain. It all gets to be too much, and Fraser has a bit of a nervous breakdown while looking for the hand of Franklin with Ray post-series.

Fraser's gradual collapse as he gets more and more irrationally protective of Ray K is very well done here, but I like Ray's response even more as he does everything he knows how to help Fraser, all the while knowing that Fraser needs a professional therapist (and you can imagine how much Fraser likes *that* idea). It all culminates in one of the most intriguing approaches to healing that I've seen in fanfic as Fraser goes back to his roots (in more ways than one).

The writing is excellent, the characterization is believable, and even the bits of dialogue from the series are well integrated (which is a lot harder to pull off than you'd think and something that even great writers often stumble over). A beautiful story of love and healing. [1]
Deals with Fraser's problems in a thoughtful and in-character way. [2]
Kellie wrote a new story and I rec'd it. Just shocked aren't you? I'm sure you are. Not! This one is just fabulous and really loong too. Like over 600k, so settle in for a long read here. This one starts up sometime around the last few eps of the season 4. Takes you through the final two with a little bit of missing scenes kindof detail and then leads you right into what happened to Fraser and Ray while on their adventure. The aspect I like best about this story is it lets Fraser begin to deal with many of the losses he has faced in his life. The main angst in this that Fraser and Ray face in their budding relationship is Fraser's fear of losing Ray, as he has lost so many. This fear becomes almost overwhelming, to the point Fraser really begins to fear for his sanity. Watching the show, you'll know Fraser's been worried about his sanity since the moment his father's ghost popped up and started talking to him. Well, in this all the pain and loss he's suppressed and never really dealt with come to a head. He has to find a way to face them before he truly does go mad. Ray is there to help him, of course, as is an old friend he calls upon when he realizes he might need help of a more professional nature. It's Ray's warmth, comfort and understanding that really bring about the thaw that let's all this free. Fraser really is in need of something like a spiritual/emotionl/mental cleansing. Needs to let go of his pain, his hidden fears, and all the guilt he holds in him so he can move on and really begin to share his life with Ray. It's really a wonderful story that deals with an adventure of the spirit more than one of the body. One Fraser really needs and Ray is willing to help him with all the way. A must read. I loved this one. [3]
This is a wonderfully long, complex story that takes a look at how Fraser might react to all the traumas and loses he's had in his life, particularly the loss of his mother. How would this affect his relationship with Ray and how would Ray deal with a Fraser meltdown. It's got plenty of angst, but it's Kellie so you can trust that there will be a reasonably happy ending. This is definitely a long, satisfying read. For those of you who have a three day weekend ahead of you settle in and enjoy. [4]


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