Without a Net

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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Without a Net
Author(s): Kellie Matthews
Date(s): 2003
Length: 164KB
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here

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Without a Net is a Fraser/Kowalski story by Kellie Matthews.

Reactions and Reviews

A Czech aquatic dance ensemble, an undercover job and of course annoying Federal Agents who refuse to share what should be shared... Need I say more? Funny, quirky, and all around strange, but so darned funny and hot *g* [1]
Kellie is one of my other favorite authors in this fandom. She hits each character's voice just right. Some authors get only Fraser right or get only Ray right, usually not both. Kellie flawlessly does both of them with ease.

So, it is certain you will be seeing more of her stories rec'd here by me.

Without A Net always puts a smile on my face. Ray and Fraser go undercover and as usual things don't go as planned.

They wind up taking a nose dive off a balcony using only bed sheets as rope to escape the bad guys. (That scene reminds me of the Star Wars scene between Princess Leia and Luke as they fly across that pit when the Stormtroopers are trying to break through the door. Leia gives Luke a kiss for "luck" and they swing to freedom). In Kellie's story, think swinging Ray and Fraser, a kiss (no incest implied) and the boys breaking through a glass window into a sweet old lady's apartment.

And the story is just getting started there! So, enough of my babbling...go and read! [2]


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