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You may be looking for In the Dark, a K/S story.
Title: In the Dark, Into the Light, Daybreak
Author(s): Kellie Matthews-Simmons and Julia Kosatka
Date(s): 1995
Genre: het, slash, m/f/m
Fandom: X-Files/Highlander/ST-TNG
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The In The Dark series is a X-Files/Highlander/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series.

The three adult stories had Duncan MacLeod and Guinan becoming lovers in "In the Dark", while the second story brings in Methos, who had just made his first appearance on Highlander, and it becomes a threesome (Methos/Duncan/Guinan), while the third story focused exclusively on the Duncan/Methos relationship and on tying up loose ends from the prior story. That third story, "Daybreak", might have been the first Duncan/Methos story on the net.

Also interesting from a historical perspective—the stories are all marked ADULT, and the second two have warnings for bisexuality and homosexuality, but the word 'slash' is never mentioned in any of the warnings or author's notes.

The Series

In the Dark:

Summary: "This is a two-part story connected by a couple of common threads. In the first part, Mulder and Scully investigate a serial killer who uses a sword, and get some unexpected answers. Duncan MacLeod has to avenge the deaths of friends, and meets a woman who is more than she seems. In the second part, Duncan meets the crew of the Enterprise, and resolves the mystery begun in the first half, and finds that old friends can be *very* convenient."

Into The Light: part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Summary: "Methos, Duncan, and Guinan discover a long-lost Immortal secret."

Daybreak: part 1, 2, 3, 4

Summary: "Methos and Duncan resolve an issue left unresolved in 'Into the Light'."

Reactions and Reviews

[Daybreak:] This was the first Highlander slash story I read, and it's still the yardstick whereby I measure other HL slash. Yes, it is that good. The story is the third of the Dark into Light trilogy written by Kellie and Julia. The first story was a crossover among Highlander, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The X-Files, in which Duncan met Guinan in the 20th century and they got involved in an investigation conducted by Mulder and Scully. The second story chronicled how Methos became a part of Duncan and Guinan's life and bedroom activities in the 24th century. Daybreak carries on from there, detailing how Duncan and Methos finally become intimate.

There isn't really a "plot" as such, but the story sustains itself just fine regardless. Duncan follows Methos to an old cabin on Valhalla (the planet they now live on), and after an intense discussion, the two make love. The sex is wonderfully written, in truly loving detail, but it's the emotional content of the scenes that makes it so powerful, and one has amazing empathy for Duncan as he realises that he does truly love and want Methos as much as he does Guinan.

If you don't like crossovers and would tend to give this story a miss because of that, think again. This story works just fine if you ignore the crossover elements too. And of course, the fact that Kellie and Julia put Richie in at the end (for a tiny bit of comedy which goes perfectly with the rest of the story) endears this story to me even more. As a story which explores both Duncan and Methos, and as slash, this story is well worth a read--more than that, it should be a requirment for all fans of Duncan/Methos slash.[1]


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